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Using Baking Soda to Rid Off Acne and Acne Scars

Using Baking Soda to Rid Off Acne and Acne Scars

Is acne causing untold distress in your life? Are you struggling to find a wholesome solution to the problem? It may seem challenging, but all types of acne have some kind of solution or the other. Acne is a universal skin problem. But, the treatment varies from individual to individual depending on the skin type, lifestyle etc. Severe forms of acne, such as cystic acne may require medical intervention and prescription therapies or other advanced therapies. You need not be overwhelmed by such terms! Sometimes, the items in your kitchen cabinet are sufficient to get rid of this unsightly skin condition. Let's go on to see how baking soda can help you do away with acne and its related scars.

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, has been traditionally used for treating pimples and scars. Many people have found it to be effective in treating acne. It works on the principle of exfoliation, meaning that it peels off the top layer of your skin and exposes the cleaner surface underneath. Hence, it is also useful to remove scars. Further, it removes the excess oil from the skin. You're probably aware that oily skin is the main cause for acne breakouts. Therefore, it is an inexpensive remedy to clean and refresh the skin and improve your complexion.

How do I use baking soda for acne treatment? It's simple and takes only a few minutes to prepare a baking soda mask. All you have to do is to mix one part of baking soda with two parts of water and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on your face with a spatula, leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes and wash off with cool water.

But, you must be aware of your skin type before trying the remedy. This is because the chemical composition of baking soda can be harsh on sensitive skin. It is better to test by first applying the paste on a small spot and leaving it for a few minutes. If you instantly sense a burning feeling, this treatment is not suitable for you. Don't get discouraged. There are other milder natural treatments and home remedies for acne.

Despite the chemical composition, baking soda has rarely caused serious repercussions. You should never leave it on your skin for more than twenty minutes. After washing it off, apply a suitable moisturizer or even a calamine lotion depending on your skin type. You can leave the moisturizer overnight. Follow the method once a week to see effective results. As you know exfoliation techniques can work wonders on the skin, provided you are cautious and well-aware of your skin type and condition.

Topical applications and cleansing agents are not enough to lead an acne free life. You must discover the factors that trigger acne and avoid them to the best possible extent. For instance, you may have to refrain from certain beauty products or certain kinds of foods. Alternatively, you must maintain skin hygiene through proper cleansing methods and follow a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, sufficient water intake and healthy diet are essential for our skin health. Have you read Clearade reviews? They demonstrate the role of acne vitamins in improving the oil metabolism of your skin. Balancing the oil or sebum secretion in your skin is a natural way to treat acne.

MIJ Sadique is specializing in skin issues and has made several studies about acne and acne remedies. You may make use of his acne treatment reviews to effectively deal with your acne and to know more about the most sought-after Clearade acne treatment.

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Using Baking Soda to Rid Off Acne and Acne Scars

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Vitamins for Skin Acne and Home Remedies

Vitamins for Skin Acne and Home Remedies

Acne is a very common skin condition found in people of all ages. Usually occurring on the face, chest, and back, acne is often times very visible and can cause those suffering from it to experience embarrassment, depression, and low self-esteem as they search for effective acne remedies.

Caused by sebaceous glands in the dermis that start working overtime due to hormonal changes, acne is the result of skin pores that get blocked with excess skin cells and sebum oil.

Many may swear by the fact that regular facial cleansing and a good diet is all that is needed to keep it in check, but for some, such regimes simply do not work. So what do you do? Well if you don't want to take medically prescribed formulae, there are two other options to explore. One is by using readily available vitamin fortified skin creams and the other is to try out one of the many home remedies that have stood the test of time.

For example, vitamin C, which oranges are famously rich in, plays quite a crucial role in skin care. It is critical for the formation of collagen, one of the major components that makes up the skin and scientific studies have shown that the anti-oxidant properties of topical vitamin C creams can help reduce irritation and redness associated with acne scars, as well as rebuild collagen that has been destroyed.

Toothpaste is a tried and tested home remedy that is great for isolated spot treatment as opposed to treating a larger area of cystic acne. Just apply a small amount to the offending pimple and it should assist greatly in the drying out process. Use standard toothpaste and not some funky 'whitening' or 'tartar control' brand.

It might not sound appetizing but ingesting garlic has a good reputation for fighting of unsightly acne. If you can stomach it, eating a few cloves of raw garlic a day can show positive effects within a matter of days. If you prefer, you can get garlic supplement pills from a store but naturally they will take a longer time to show results. Since this is an inside-out approach, acne all over your body will benefit rather than just those areas where you apply a topical remedy.

Acne can be a debilitating skin condition, but it is not untreatable. There are many acne remedies available to not only heal your current acne, but to prevent it from ever coming back. Hopefully some of the ideas expressed in this article will help you on your way to combatting it more effectively, feeling confident and
taking control of your life.

More About Vitamins for Skin

For more free information about how vitamins for skincare can help with your beauty regime, visit Kobi's blog at:

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Vitamins for Skin Acne and Home Remedies

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Using Calcium Bentonite Clay for Acne

Using Calcium Bentonite Clay for Acne

Bentonite clay has many beneficial uses for overall better health and one such way for people to benefit is in controlling their acne. Acne is a problem for many people, no matter their age, and is one that can lead people to believe that they are ugly and unattractive. This can lead to problems with all social aspects of their lives.

There are many causes of acne, so trying to cut out the problem can be difficult, if not impossible. The glands may simply be producing too much oil in them, thus causing the pores to become filled with bacteria and sebum. The bacteria multiple as it feeds on the oil trapped in the pores. When this occurs, inflammation in the affected area causes unsightly and unhealthy outbreaks of acne. The body is simply trying to fight off the bacterial toxins. Oftentimes, scarring of the skin is the result. Additionally, many acne medications have awful side effects. So how can the use of bentonite clay help?

When dealing with acne, the person will find that the use of calcium bentonite clay masks is a powerful and all natural method of acne control. Most skin care experts will agree and it is used in the world's best spas and esthetic practices with positive benefit to the client. Bentonite clay is known for having great advantages for the body, whether taken internally or applied externally. In any event, the person will find that this clay can generate amazing results that they never thought they could have. The bentonite clay also exfoliates the skin, freeing up trapped dead skin cells which have accumulated in the pores of the skin, thus you will find that your skin has a more even skin tone and looks much healthier as a result of the mask.

Using bentonite clay as a clay mask is one of the best ways to deal with the acne that you have now. With this method, the person will find that using a mask a two or three times a week and leaving this on for 10 minutes or so at a time can render amazing results. You will find that the electrically charged molecules in the clay will attract bacteria which has accumulated on the skin and pull it from the clogged pores. Once the person rinses the mask off, they will encounter skin which is softer, less oily and shiny and overall, there will be a healthier feel to it. After using the mask, you should replenish the moisture levels of your skin with a good, but light moisturizer. This will help prevent your skin from trying to create more oil to replenish what has been taken away with the use of the mask. The key to successfully treating acne is to maintain a greater moisture level in the skin, but not more oil. The clay has an added benefit of making wrinkles disappear or diminish greatly as a result of its exfoliating and tightening properties.

You should not be alarmed if you start to develop more acne after using the clay the first few times. This is indicating that the clay mask is doing its job by drawing out the bacteria. The skin is continuing to try to fight off the infection. However, this should subside after a few more applications. In addition, depending on your skin type, your face may be more rosy than usual. This is, once again, something to expect since the clay is healing the face through improving the blood flow, which causes the face to flush. The flushing should last less than one hour. Overall, you will find that this is well worth it, since in a few short weeks your acne will be under control through the use of bentonite clay masks.

More information on the many uses of calcium bentonite clay can be found at Calcium Bentonite Clay and Calcium Bentonite Clay Benefits.

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Using Calcium Bentonite Clay for Acne

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Ways To Prevent Acne - My Top Strategies Revealed

The blemishes and pimples caused by acne can be painful and embarrassing and even cause permanent scarring. So as to learn how to avoid acne skin conditions from occurring it is a good idea to understand what acne is and how it is caused. On the back of your torso, chest and face, there are actually many thousand sebaceous oil glands which secrete sebum oil which keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. At times a lot of oil is produced and can mix with dead skin cells to plug up the skin pores. This could cause microorganisms to infect the area and cause acne.

There are several ways to prevent acne and the most important aspect which needs attention is your personal hygiene. Everyone's face is continually exposed to dust and dirt and other air pollutants, so it is essential to keep it clean. Clean the face many times each day to remove excess oil, dead skin cells and environmental toxins. Make use of a light cleanser and an applicator that is not abrasive to avoid infuriating inflamed skin. Do not scrub the skin but use a soft cloth to clean and rinse the face properly. Use a clean, microbe free towel to wipe the face.

Another handy tip on how to prevent acne is to use one of the many over the counter acne cures who are available. Select one containing either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Benzoyl peroxide helps to dry out surplus oil from the skin and is an effective antibacterial agent. Salicylic acid is an exfoliate which will remove dead skin cells and impurities from the skin and help out to unplug skin pores on the surface. Use these products in minute amounts to test the skin's reaction and then adjust how these are used depending on the condition of the skin.

A lot of acne products which are applied on the skin topically often leads to skin dehydration and cracking, so a good quality moisturizer is recommended to prevent the dryness and any peeling of skin. Moisturizing gels usually work better on skin that is oily while creams and lotions are appropriate for the dry skin types. If you wet the face before applying moisturizer it will help moisten the skin more effectively. Now that the face is cleansed and hydrated it is important that it doesn't get touched by hands that may transmit bacteria. Scratching, squeezing and rubbing acne could spread the acne infection.

Ultra violet waves from the sun are a serious source of skin damage so stay out of it or use a high sun protection factor sunscreen to shield your skin. Lifestyle choices also play a part in how to prevent acne. A well balanced and nutritious, low fat diet with lots of fresh vegetables and whole grains can help the body to avoid acne infections as will a daily routine of cardiovascular and anaerobic physical exercises. Stress has been confirmed to make skin conditions like acne and other health conditions worse so chill out and be cool. These key points will prevent acne.

Do you want more detailed information about easy ways to remove acne? If so, visit immediately.

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What Is Cystic Acne And What Effect Can It Have Self Esteem

What Is Cystic Acne And What Effect Can It Have Self Esteem

Words cannot begin to accurately describe the undeniable effects Cystic Acne can present on self esteem. Today, perhaps more so than any other time in history, people are overly focused on their appearance. This especially applies to young teenagers. Although appearance should not be the deciding factor on an individual's social interaction, unfortunately this is quite often the case.

The question of the day is what is Cystic Acne? Cystic Acne is a severe acne vulgarism condition and can leave the face, back, shoulders, as well as other parts of the body covered in pus-filled lumps that lay aggravatingly just under the surface of the skin.

This condition can cause blemishes that are quite large in size. Unlike the normal culprits of the less severe cases of acne that present blackheads and pimples, the cystic condition can cause cysts that are painfully firm in nature. If they are found on your shoulders and backs clothing can rub against them causing constant pain. However, when they are on your face they become not only a health issue, but are there for the whole world to see. This is where low self esteem comes into play. This condition does not play favorites. Any individual can become a victim to Cystic Acne.

The Lingering Effects

Severe cases of Cystic Acne can offer numerous lingering effects that can leave the sufferer depressed and sometimes suicidal. At the low end this condition can permanently damage the healthy skin, leaving undesirable scars that cannot be diminished. Beyond the healthy skin erosion, many victims of this condition show shame and are embarrassed by the condition. In many cases shame is replaced by anger, bouts of severe depression, and little or no social interaction.

Exploring The Causes

It is one thing to answer the question, what is Cystic Acne, knowing exactly what causes it is another. One of the main causes most Dermatologists tend to agree on is that the pores in the skin, often hair follicles, become clogged with acne producing bacteria. It is also believed that imbalances in the hormonal system can set off the spark. In addition, a stressful, overly medicated, and unhealthy lifestyle may also be possible culprits. There are some professionals that suggest harsh soap products are instigators as well. Genetics may very well determine who will suffer from this condition, and who will not.

Treating This Condition

What Is Cystic Acne And What Effect Can It Have Self Esteem

Treating Cystic Acne can often add to the depression because there does not seem to be one specific cure for those afflicted. There are over the counter medications that can be administered, but in severe cases like this it is often best to consult a dermatologist. The doctor can utilize various options including, but not limited to, extremely potent systemic medications, antibiotics administered orally, Isotretinioin, drainage via surgical excision, intralesional corticosteroid injections, and various medications that are injected directly into the region.

The journey to eradicate the effects of Cystic Acne can be long and tenuous. However, if the sufferer is dedicated to success, and does not attempt to scratch, pick at, or pop the cyst infected area, the condition can be treatable.

I hope you have found this article about how to get rid of Cystic Acne to be of interest to you. If you would like more information on Treatment For Acne take a look at my website

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What Is Cystic Acne And What Effect Can It Have Self Esteem

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What Makes An Excellent Pimples Treatment? Rediscover What You Thought You Knew About Pimples

As a researcher and writer of skin care and health topics and former acne sufferer, experience has taught me that one of the biggest misconceptions among people with pimples and searching for pimples treatment is the belief that their pimples are some kind of skin condition that can and should be remedied by treating the skin. Though slightly absurd, the belief and how rampant it is aren't all that surprising.

Many parts of the skin care industry - be it the dermatologist who promises to make your pimples disappear with regular peels or the pharmaceuticals which guarantee to cure them by some topical application- thrive upon that very belief; and marketers of those industries have done and continue to do a great job of solidifying these ideas in the marketplace.

That's all fine for the bottom line, yes, but it's not helping the sufferers much; and, although we've bought into the misconception, we've all learned from experience that this approach alone isn't enough to solve the problem and will only keep us on the treadmill indefinitely. We sense - correctly - that there is a much better pimples treatment approach that will give us the lasting results we want. In the end, whatever treatment you choose to try out, the following pointers should guide you and serve as clear signs that the treatment is likely to be effective and give you lasting results.

Beauty Is Skin Deep

As stated earlier, treating your pimples as only a surface issue on your skin is a huge mistake and won't give you lasting results. Pimples are mere symptoms of a bigger problem know as acne, which is itself largely caused by much deeper internal imbalances in the body.

It's not correct to focus on skin treatment alone. The right approach is one that looks at your pimples as a sign of a much deeper problem in your entire body, and, therefore, treats it from inside out- not focusing on the topical applications alone.

When You Eat Stuff, Stuff Happens

Quoting from a past issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association: "Diet plays no role in acne treatment in most patients... even large amounts of certain foods have not clinically exacerbated acne." Surprising, right!? And what's even more surprising is that if you went to almost any medical doctor a few years ago and asked if there were any links between diet and pimples, almost all of them would have agreed with the Journal's opinion at the time!

Today, however, new developments in medical research are beginning to point to clear correlations between what you eat and the state of your acne. You'd think this should have been obvious many years ago as many acne (pimples) sufferers were noticing dramatic changes in their skin when certain foods were added or eliminated in their diet, but, well, I guess that's why we also had "Electric Shock Therapy" in the past!

So, any treatment that doesn't take diet into serious account is probably not worth your time, money and energy.

Holistic Approach to Treatment

In short, what is needed and is likely to end acne for good is a holistic approach to treating it: the idea that to treat parts of the problem, it's not enough to look at those parts individually, but rather to look at the problem as whole.

So, while a great skin cleanser, for example, can have its place, what's even more important for permanent results is a system that ties it all together with such things as diet, exercise and other elements that are needed to address the inner imbalances as well. In other words, the most excellent pimples treatment is one that you don't have to treat for pimples at all, but the body as a whole. That's what makes a pimples treatment excellent.

I'm going to share with you the best guide I know to help you treat acne holistically, where you can discover the little-known secrets to get rid of pimples permanently.

It's an excellent system developed by a certified nutritionist, independent medical researcher, natural health consultant and author of the #1 best-selling e-book, "Acne No More". Click here now to go check it out.

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Which Is The Best Acne Treatment And Why?

"So, which is the best acne treatment!?" As a long-time writer and researcher of skin care and health related issues, this is certainly one of the most frequent questions I encounter from individuals seeking to treat and get rid of their acne.

In a way, it reflects two important things about the market out there: first is the huge amount of oftentimes conflicting advice and products and treatment options presented to acne sufferers that render them too confused and paralysed to make the right choices; and, second, most of the choices available aren't effective enough to give the lasting results that sufferers want and, therefore, those who have sampled those acne treatment options still sense-- correctly-- that there could be much better ways to go about treating their acne.

The biggest reason why people don't get the results they want is that many of the popular treatments available don't really cure acne; they only provide a relief from it. You see, acne is not just a problem on the skin that you can simply get rid of with laser or swallowing some pills or a topical application of some sort. It's much deeper than that. The zits and blackheads and frequent breakouts are mere symptoms of the real problem.

Acne is more of an internal problem, caused by internal imbalances within the body. And because a majority of treatments out there focus on treating the external symptoms alone, many sufferers never see their acne treated as expected or desired. Any approach that focuses on direct skin treatment alone will only mask the symptoms-- and therefore only provide some temporary relief-- but will never cure acne for good.

The alternative approach, on the other hand, is actually the best acne treatment there is, and it's what more and more sufferers are resorting to in order to free themselves from the indefinite dependence on acne medications and creams and other "temporary-relief" treatments. This is the holistic approach to treatment.

Unlike the superficial means of treatment discussed earlier, a holistic acne treatment focuses on the whole body, instead of just isolated parts like the skin. Among other things, for example, this approach also takes into account and factors in something as crucial to curing acne as diet, which is usually completely ignored in the superficial treatments.

By addressing the deeper root causes of the problem and ensuring an "acne-free internal environment", a holistic approach actually cures and provides lasting results; and it's this reason that makes it the best acne treatment any acne sufferer can use.

I'm going to share with you the best guide I know to help Treat Acne Holistically, where you can discover exactly what you need to do to end your acne permanently.

It's an excellent system developed by a certified nutritionist, independent medical researcher, natural health consultant and author of the #1 best-selling e-book, "Acne No More". Click here now to go check it out.

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Acne Treatment Is All About Maintenance and Healthy Living

Now I'm sure you've all heard this one before. To completely get rid of those pesky pimples, you need to keep your face clean and eat healthy. While this isn't the easiest way of getting rid of acne, it is definitely the most effective.

Healthy living is all about making sure your body receives the right nutrients and vitamins it needs to sustain an individual throughout a day. Most nutritionists and even health trainers would agree that whatever you eat or drink will directly reflect on your physical appearance and vitality. Simply put, if you eat fresh and clean food, you will look fresh and clean as well. That is why one of the most common causes of skin outbreaks and proliferation of acne is the excessive consumption of greasy and salty foods. If you want to mitigate your acne breakouts, then minimizing your intake of fatty, sodium-ridden food items should be your first step.

Now when we talk about maintenance, this is all about getting into a routine that helps your body cope with your daily activities and at the same time, get the right amount of vitamins and minerals into your body. This means you need to have a balanced meal every day. This can also be supported by a multivitamin once a day. Another good step is to take Vitamin C capsules to boost your immune system and Vitamin E capsules to help prevent the spread of toxins in your body. However, vitamin supplements are unnecessary especially if you are eating a balanced meal with lots of fruits and vegetables. Water is obviously very important as it keeps your skin moisturized and supple, while at the same time, cleanses your body.

While eating the right food and getting the right nutrients is key to having acne-free skin, a person's genetics also play a role in how prone they are to pimples. There are skin types that produce excessive amounts of sebum which leads to oily skin, making it more prone to pimples. While a healthy lifestyle can help manage the problem, a person can also resort to more direct solutions such as skin creams that when applied to acne infected skin help alleviate swelling, redness and scars caused by acne, and at the same time help moisturize the skin.

Skin creams do work but there are brands that make use of chemicals that might actually irritate the skin further. Natural skin creams works best for acne treatment as you are not exposing your skin to other dangerous substances. When choosing skin creams, look for brands like Acnessential, which contains 4% niacinamide, also called nicotinamide. This helps decrease the swelling caused by acne, evens skin tone by whitening dark spots and leave your skin softer.

When it comes to treating acne, it's always best to take the more "natural" approach. This ensures that you're not introducing elements that may actually worsen your skin condition. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and if you're using skin creams to manage acne, try to use one with natural ingredients. It's as simple as that.

Kenneth Levenstein is an online publisher of health related websites. Click the links for more information on topical niacinamide cream and niacinamide serum.

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Yoga Straightens And Strengthens Your Spine

Yoga is known as many different things to many people. Some people think that it is just meditating. Some people think it is for contortionists and very flexible people. Others think it is just for skinny people. The truth is it is for everyone. The poses in a yoga class allow the body to work against gravity and itself to bring the body back to the alignment it was supposed to be in. This is especially true for the spine. All the twisting and bending and stretching helps the spine to move out of the state your life has put it in and into the posture it was always intended.

It does not matter how fit you are or are not. If you do the poses you will begin to notice a difference fairly immediately. Initially the practice will help to release the stiff and tight areas between the vertebrate. Once it does the releasing it will begin to align the bones and ligaments and tendons that make up the spine. Merely stretching, lengthening, and aligning is not going to help if you do not have the muscles to support the new proper alignment. So as soon as your spine is aligned the supportive muscles in the back of the body are strengthened through a regular yoga practice. The core muscles from the abdominal muscles to the lower back are strengthened through various poses.

If you are not flexible in your spine, doing the yoga practice will make you a little more flexible. It won't make you into a contortionist over night. But it will help you to get the slouch out of your back due to forty years of living with poor posture. You should go to a yoga class and get a sequence designed by a professional. But there are several poses that are designed for the spine specifically.

Poses like camel pose and locust pose as well as cat and cow are wonderful poses to help the spine gain more flexibility in the forward and backward motion. There are many twists that help to break up the adhesion built up between the vertebrate over time. Navasana or boat pose targets the abdominal muscles specifically to ensure that your belly muscles are strong enough to support your new spine. Apart from these specific poses, all the poses are designed with the body parts working together in mind.

The spine is the channel that carries the energy from the brain through the rest of the body. When there are problems with the spine you will have problems controlling basic functions of living. Yoga helps clear that channel of energy so that you can live a long and full life.

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Skin Treatment For Acne: Understanding The Best Cure For You

Skin treatment for acne varies on the severity of the condition that has afflicted an individual. It continues to give hope to sufferers of this common ailment that affects the largest organ of the body. Topical, systematic and procedural are its subcategories through which concerned individuals find the relief from discomfort and embarrassment acne brings.

Selecting on the type of cure you will go through is not a decision for you to make. In fact, you need to seek professional help before you take any step to solving your pimple problem. Dermatologists are the important people to see when such problem arises. They are medical doctors whose specialization includes the diseases and the procedures on how to have clear skin. Skin care therapists or estheticians are the other specialists you can turn to. They do not provide medical cure like the dermatologists but they at beautifying the sense of organ of touch through cosmetic practices.

Again, the gravity of your pimple problem will dictate the appropriate method that would best provide for its cure. Let us first have an understanding of the topical remedy. Products under this cure target mild to moderate pimple accumulations. They come in the form of facial washes, lotions, ointments and day and night creams. Their common contents are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. They are generally non-comedogenic. This means their use would not clog pores. Whether prescribed or bought over the counter, their effectiveness is dependent on the user's skin type.

Another skin treatment for acne includes systematic methods. These capitalize on the need for oral medication that intends to cure the problem internally. Antibiotics, birth control pills and injectables are utilized to kill the bacteria from within and correct hormonal imbalances which cause the oil glands to produce excessive and acne-generating oils. All these oral medications can be taken with topical cures to ensure a fast acting remedy to pimples.

When topical and systematic cures prove not to be enough, severe acne sufferers can undergo procedural care under the advice of a dermatologist or an esthetician. This type of treatment commonly includes extraction of sebum and other cellular debris that clog the pores and cause breakouts. Furthermore, it utilizes certain peeling procedures that remove dead skin cells to give way for a clearer surface. Comedo extractions, light chemical peels, microdermabrasion, phototherapy, and corticosteroid injections are the usual terms characterizing the procedural cure for moderate to severe pimples accumulations.

Skin treatment for acne does not only provide remedy for the irritation and soreness that this ailment brings. It also builds up the blemished confidence of concerned individuals who have been enduring this skin condition for a long time. Besides having targeted cure for your pimples, there are natural practices like proper hygiene which you can start with. For one, you must always keep your hands off your face to avoid pimple-causing germs from penetrating your skin. Furthermore, you can modify your sleeping habits, exercise routines and diet so as to remove the toxins that harm your body.

Looking For Tips On How To Have A Clear Skin? Visit Today.

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Using Laser Treatment For The Removal Of Acne

Laser Acne Removal Treatment - Acne can sometimes make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in the public. Laser acne removal treatment has been considered a safe, painless and most effective method to handle this kind of problem. Because of its outstanding effects, such as burning away the follicle sacs from which the hair grows, burning away the sebaceous glands which are responsible for oil production, hence reducing the release of oil from the skin which brings in oxygen that will kill bacteria found on the skin. However, laser acne removal causes thermal damage to the skin and might also induce hyper pigmented spots or cause long-term skin dryness.

Laser acne removal is done by a surgeon in which a local anesthetic material is applied on the area of the skin to be treated, after which your face is washed again within a few minutes. The laser removal process then starts and normally takes a few minutes if the area of treatment is small or up to a few hours if the treatment involves the whole face. Normally if the treatment involves a small area then the laser will penetrate only up to the epidermis, but if it's the whole face or deeper operation, then it penetrates up to the upper levels of the reticular dermis completely removing the acne. The great thing about this treatment is that it allows the surgeon to be flexible while handling the skin.

After treatment the surgeon applies an antibiotic ointment which is useful in helping the patient to avoid any infection before the top layer of skin returns to normal. Swelling occurs in rare cases but if it happens then ice packs are used to limit the swelling and pain killers are usually given to the patient to avoid any discomforts.

For the first few weeks after treatment, it is advisable to avoid usage of mild moisturizers such as creams in order to prevent skin dryness as it will affect your skin. In addition to that the use of shampoos should be very mild as much as possible. The patient is also encouraged to use a strong sun block cream in order to stay away from the direct sunlight because exposure to the ultra violet rays cause sunburns which later result in acne formation.

Pros and Cons of Laser Acne Removal

The advantages of laser acne removal are, that there are no scarring after the whole process, no wound formation, no dis-colorization of the skin, you skin feels light and tender soft. However, the patient will experience pain especially if the anesthetics were not effective. There have been reports on reddening of the skin after treatment, inflammation and peeling of the skin. In addition to that, laser acne removal is expensive as many insurance companies consider it to be cosmetic procedure, hence they do not pay for it. The patient will be forced to get the $150 to $300 per session of 4 to 6 sessions within 6 months for effective results.

Acne is a very troubling disease for those who suffer from the effects of this annoying condition. For many people it can be a total embarrassment if it is very serious, and the best way is to reach to the root of its causes and try to find a solution. To treat acne, you must follow the right treatment under the supervision of a good dermatologist. For more information and advice, please visit us at

Now, I invite you to take a look at where you will discover more with us on how to deal with the effects of Acne and find the best laser acne treatment that is right for you.

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Health Benefits of Yoga for the Over 50 Crowd

Our elderly population is growing quickly along with their interest in living active, fit lives. Generally speaking, we live longer than we did 10 years ago, and we all want to live a high-quality life with good health as a component of our golden years. As we mature, on the other hand, we generally become more vulnerable to ailments that are associated with getting older, and, as a result, we have a tendency to move less. The less we move, the harder it gets and we succumb to a variety of health conditions, so it turns into a truly vicious loop.

Although many of us believe that we ought to follow their advice and relax as we ease into retirement that is actually just what we shouldn't do. Long periods of sitting will lead to muscles shortening, tightening and weakening. Not enough weight-bearing activity plays a role in brittle bones. A lack of motion and stretching results in joint deterioration and decrease in flexibility. Of grave concern for our older population is the lack of balance which comes, in part, from sitting instead of standing and from not practicing your balance in various positions. Complications resulting from falls among people over 65 frequently lead to many serious problems, perhaps result in death.

Many health concerns are linked to the sedentary lifestyle which is typical of many elderly people, including some of the following:

Reduced joint flexibility



High blood pressure

Increased percentage of body fat and decreased lean body tissue


Lower back pain

Shortness of breath

Poor blood flow

Vision difficulties

Chronic pain in muscles and bones


Insomnia and other sleep problems

In light of our growing senior population and the health conditions associated with aging, researchers are beginning to take a closer look at the health concerns of this population and at how these issues can be addressed. The following information will explain how Yoga can be used with this population to increase mobility and reduce many health concerns facing the elderly.


Yoga has been shown to help many health concerns, especially ones related to bones and muscles. This makes it an increasingly popular exercise choice for the elderly population. Seniors Yoga classes are opening up everywhere - from community centers to senior centers to health clubs to assisted living residences, and even in many church basements.

The benefits of Yoga include slowing - or even slowly reversing the aging process. This is probably a good reason that this 4000 year-old practice has continued to flourish even today. It's also a primary reason that Yoga has experienced the most growth of any fitness program over the past seven years.

Armed with the information of the medical conditions of her class participants a good Yoga instructor can modify poses to help each individual to take advantage of the movements of Yoga. The senior participants of any particular class at the start can choose what works best for them. Most people who have heard of Yoga know about the benefits of strengthening and flexibility that is gained by this activity. This article has highlighted many of the benefits off Yoga for the elderly.

Tom Greenman

What are the best supplemental vitamins for seniors? Find out at

As a senior, do you know about Vitamin D deficiency symptoms that can cause brittle bones? Find out here:

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Teaching Yoga: Student Safety Is Top Priority

Yoga is not a sport, and not typically associated with severe injury. In fact, therapeutic forms of Yoga fit more neatly into the category of rehabilitation. However, injuries can, and do, occur while practicing Yoga. It could be that the muscles are not properly warmed up, a pre-existing condition is irritated, or a beginner tries to push him or herself too far. Safety is primarily the responsibility of the Yoga instructor. Yoga teachers must ensure they are giving all the correct cues and precautions for each pose, they must know their students' levels and limitations, and they must constantly monitor the students throughout the class session.

Create a Safe Environment

Perhaps, the primary element of Yoga student safety is creating a safe environment. A safe environment is one where students feel comfortable to ask questions, try techniques, and adjust according to personal needs. A safe environment includes a knowledgeable Yoga instructor, who repeats safety cues for each technique during a class. The Yoga teacher should never assume that the students already know the information. All Yoga instructors must consider how to create this type of environment for their students during each Yoga session.

Know Medical Histories

It is imperative for instructors to know the medical and injury histories of their students. Then, they must make sure to speak with each student about specific poses they should avoid, or modifications they should perform regularly. While teaching Yoga class, instructors must remind students about potential injuries for each pose. Before class begins, instructors should always review the medical concerns for each student - to refresh their memories and make sure any issues are addressed.

Observe Students Carefully

Instructors need to know their students. Through careful observation, they will begin to know the skill level, abilities, and limitations of each student. When teaching class, good instructors will demonstrate the pose first, then circulate about the room to provide support, advice, and encouragement to the students. Instructors need to remember that the class is all about the students - it is not time for the teacher to practice. Instructors can grow in their personal Yoga practices during personal time, not class time.

Seek Advice

Another important element in creating a safe Yoga environment includes seeking the help of more experienced teachers. Yoga teachers should never feel like they have to know it all, or portray themselves to students as if they know it all. Teaching, of any type, is an evolution of knowledge and skills. Good Yoga teachers are always learning new ways to perfect their teaching methods. Young Yoga instructors should have a mentor to consult with on a regular basis.

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Saving Expenses With Online Yoga Education

The real advantage of the Digital Age is the amount of information that can be easily processed conveniently. This has given those looking for adult education another lease on life. Before the Internet, people looking to expand upon their education for either business or pleasure were forced into a rigid schedule. Many times they would not be able to complete school because they would not have the time to do so and keep their day jobs.

However, online education has opened many opportunities for many people. You now do not have to quit your day job or even reschedule yourself into inconvenience. You can get an accredited online education for anything from finance to Yoga without even leaving your room.

Yoga Education Online

Getting an online Yoga education will also save you a great deal of expenses. First of all, you will not have to drive to a physical location in order to attend a class. With the rising prices of gas, this is a considerable expense to save on. However, this is not the only way in which you save.

Online Yoga courses usually have a much more flexible schedule than a classroom course. Therefore you also save the money of the opportunity cost. You do not have to quit your job because you can take classes at night, or in the morning, whichever is more convenient for you.

Yoga teacher training online courses also usually cost less. Many people mistakenly think that this price difference is because online education courses are somehow less reputable than classroom courses. Yet, almost every university has online courses. In fact, online courses are actually less expensive because you are not paying for the classroom or the overhead of the real estate. Online teachers are usually professors from universities and colleges that are looking to make some extra money by teaching more. You are getting the exact same teaching experience as the classroom.

You also have the opportunity to save lectures and replay them at your convenience online. You can also skip ahead if you finish your work ahead of time. Also, if you fall behind, you can more easily find answers to your questions through the online message board (forum) or by contacting your tutor. You do not have to compete with the other students to get your question answered.

Aside from any of these single advantages is the simple convenience of learning in the comfort of your own home. Take full advantage of this opportunity if you are an adult looking for further education.

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Acne Causes - 4 Common Misconceptions

Acne is pervasive among adolescents and adults in America. The big issue however, is not acne itself. Western medicine is excellent when it comes to fixing bodily injury, but usually only sees the tip of the iceberg when it comes to disease, and has a tendency to attack the symptom and not the cause, oftentimes letting a big problem grow out of sight and out of mind until it is too late. Given the excess of processed, unnatural foods that we eat, that is low in nutrition, highly damaging and even preventing our bodies from absorbing what little nutrients we get, it's no surprise that we're unhealthy, obese and acne-ridden. Pimply facial skin is our body's way of telling us it needs help, and is a sign of long-term damage that may be happening from within. Some pervasive misconceptions that we are taught by pharmaceutical companies and popular belief include:

"Acne is genetic!" This is misleading! It's not the skin symptoms that are necessarily genetic, it's the type and severity of the reaction our body has to the toxic stuff we eat that is genetic. There is nothing wrong with your genes, they are just doing their job.
"It's caused by stress." While stress causes a lot of health problems, and young people and adults alike have plenty of it at times, it is not the one underlying cause of acne.
"Acne can be solved by regular washing, facial scrubs and/or prescription treatments." How convenient! You can buy a product that will temporarily remove those pimply, inflamed bumps from your face that also brings along a whole host of side effects, such as dry, peeling, painful red skin. Some pharmaceutical treatments designed to "fix" the problem have a nasty side effect: Depression.
"There is no cure." There is a bit of truth in this, but it is misleading once more. Pimples are not the disease itself, but rather a symptom of a more pervasive underlying cause: Poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance caused by inability to absorb vitamins and toxic accumulation, and/or possible food allergy. The surface symptoms can be "cured" but the underlying problem can go on unchecked.

Given all of these major issues surrounding such a potentially disfiguring skin disorder such as acne, combined with the myriad of unhelpful, misleading snake-oil-type solutions out there offered by the pharmaceutical companies who are only out there for our money first and well-being second, it's hard to know where to turn in order to find a solution that truly works. Fortunately for us, there are just as many free natural solutions out there on the web, and a few great paid systems that work for those who need a little help getting out of that rut and into a new life with clear skin.

Written by Albert H.
Author and editor at Natural cures, free health and nutrition guides, ayurvedic solutions and product reviews.

Are you trying to get rid of your acne once and for all? Check out this review of the top natural guide to ridding yourself of acne and getting the clear skin you deserve!

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Pimples: How To Get Rid of Pimples - Naturally and Permanently

We all know that pimples and acne can make ourselves feel self-conscious and lower our confidence. What's worse is when you feel like you have tried everything, with little to show for it.

Fortunately for you, I have the answer.

What you must first understand is that pimples is a result of something going on inside your body. More accurately, acne is caused by hormonal imbalances and inflammation in the body. That means, in order to get rid of your pimples, you must balance your hormones and reduce inflammation; You must cure your acne from the inside out. Believe me, buying creams is not the answer. Not only is it expensive, it's also ineffective because the cream only covers up the symptoms. As soon as you stop using the cream, the pimples return - often in even greater numbers.

So how do you balance your hormones and reduce inflammation (without creams or pills)?

Here are the most important factors:

Diet: Sugar, hydrogenated fats, and fats rich in omega 6 are all pro-inflammatory and should be avoided if you want clear skin. Say no to things like: sodas, cakes, French fries, potato chips, and most vegetables oils (because of their high omega 6 content). If you would just eliminate sugar and unhealthy fats from your diet, you would also be well on your way to eliminate your pimples.
Eat as much raw and organic foods as possible, such as: broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, blueberries.

Stress: Prolonged periods of stress actually alter your hormone levels and also increases inflammation in the body due to the increased levels of these stress hormones. Pause for a couple of minutes every now and then and just drop everything. Let everything go and relax as deeply as you can.

Exercise: A healthy diet combined with exercise is the easiest way to reduce stress, inflammation and optimize your hormone levels. The least you should do every day is take a walk. However, I suggest you start doing something more, like jogging or lifting weights if you want even better results.

Sleep: To give your body time to detoxify and repair itself you need sleep. Around 7-8 hours of sleep every night is what most people's bodies need to detoxify and repair themselves.

Sunlight: UV-light (part of the sunlight spectrum) actually kills most of the bacteria in the skin that cause the inflammation. Not only that, sunlight is also needed to produce vitamin d (something a lot of people are deficient in).
If you want to learn exactly what you need to do to eliminate your pimples as quickly as possible, click the link above and read the articles. You will learn the secrets I have used to help many people overcome their acne and get clear, glowing skin. All naturally and permanently.

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Cure Cystic Acne

Cystic acne or nodulocystic acne is very severe skin problem and it can appear on your face, shoulders, back, chest, and upper arms. In this form, acne appears into small cysts with white pus-like substances. Excessive build up of sebum in pores is the major cause it. This skin problem can affect anybody, but it is very common among teenage boys and young men.

Over productivity of oil glands, excess dead skin cells in hair follicle, presence of lots of acne causing bacteria, etc are the major causes of this severe form of acne. In some people, it occurs due to hereditary. However, eating sweets, drinking soda, or lack of cleansing will not lead to the formation of it.

To cure cystic acne is essential because it destroys and damages healthy skin tissues. Therefore, the chances of developing scars are very high. You should keep away from popping cysts or picking at the skin because it may cause you to damage your skin further.

Methods to Cure Cystic Acne

Doctors prescribe powerful systemic medications to cure cystic acne. It is very difficult to control this particular form, so you should not worry if you do not get a result in the beginning of the treatment. Some common methods for treating it are:

Surgical Excisions and Drainage

This is the process of making small incisions in your skin for extracting infected material.

Intralesional Corticosteroid Injections

In intralesional corticosteroid injections, a doctor injects medicines directly to the lesions for reduction of  inflammation and shrinking blemishes.

Oral Contraceptives

Cystic acne can also be treated by using oral contraceptives or birth control pills. FDA approves a handful of oral contraceptives, such as ortho-tri-cyclen, yaz, estrostep for treatment. These medicines are not used in the beginning though. Instead, doctors prescribe them after trying other treatment options. Possible side effects with the usage of oral contraceptives are nausea, mood swings, menstrual spotting, breast tenderness, weight gain, blood clots, depression, increase in blood pressure, gallstones, headache, stroke, etc.


You can cure cystic acne effectively by using isotretinoin. This is an oral medicine, which can be used once or twice in a day. This medicine is helpful for shrinking oil sebaceous glands in your body. You can control the breakout of acne by controlling oil production. However, this medicine can cause some serious side effects such as fatigue, dryness of skin, mucous membranes, thinning hair, high blood triglycerides, miscarriage and birth defects, photo sensitivity, nausea and vomiting, etc.

Oral Antibiotics

Antibiotics are used for killing bacteria and this treatment can be systemic. Oral antibiotics are used for reducing the number of acne causing bacteria in your skin.

Home Remedies to Cure Cystic Acne

Some home remedies are used for reducing inflammation, painful cysts, and for preventing future breakouts of cystic acne. Some of such remedies are baking soda and sea salt, apple cider vinegar, honey and aspirin, egg white, aloe vera, mango, lemon juice, etc. You can use them without the fear of side effects.

I hope you have found this article about how to get rid of Cystic Acne to be of interest to you. If you would like more information on Treatment For Acne take a look at my website

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Yoga for Childbirth

Many pregnant women want to find a way to strengthen their bodies for the arduous tasks of carrying a baby to term and staying strong through labor and delivery, but they worry about starting work out routines that might cause harm. Loosening joints and changes in equilibrium caused by pregnancy place women who choose to work out at a higher risk of injury. Because of these changes, doctors advise women to continue working out with the routine they were in before getting pregnant and to start exercising slowly if they were inactive before.

Yoga becomes the perfect solution for women looking to strengthen their minds and bodies for the task of childbearing. Not only does its physical focus on balance, strength and flexibility make it the ideal fitness opportunity for growing bellies and changing bodies, but its mental and spiritual disciplines can develop breath control and power of will.

Strengthening the Mind-Body Connection

Kundalini yoga is a popular source of prenatal yoga practice since its emphasis on the mind-body connection allows women to strengthen awareness of their bodies. The movements in Kundalini tend to focus on spine and navel activity under the principle of accessing a coiled energy located at the spinal base. On the other hand, Kundalini is not the only style of yoga pregnant women turn to aid in childbirth. Some women maintain their more physically challenging routines in other schools of yoga throughout pregnancy while others adopt modified versions referred to loosely as prenatal yoga.

Yoga instructors and experienced prenatal practitioners advocate yoga practice as a way to increase awareness of the body, which they say helps add focus and mental strength during the throes of labor. The difference between a yogi and non-yogi in childbirth is the level of control over the body, specifically while in pain, that a practitioner can exercise. In fact, many prenatal yoga instructors work solely with pregnant women because of their passion about seeing yogic principles worked out through the childbirth experience.

Physical Benefits of Yoga for Childbirth

Having a strong mental presence and awareness is clearly important for working through pain, but a strong body is also necessary. Research has demonstrated that women who begin the labor experience physically fit experience less pain and a much quicker postpartum recovery period. The idea behind this principle is that stronger core and pelvic muscles provide more support for the rapid changes the body undergoes throughout the process of childbirth. Similarly toned muscles enable a faster return to their previous shape during the postpartum period of recovery.

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How Can You Over Treat Acne Using Certain Medications?

Most people today are asking, can you over treat acne? Acne is a common condition, especially among teens and women. And nobody likes it. That is why most people who have this condition have the tendency to try as many treatments as they can, which leads to the over treatment of acne. Too much of everything is never good. Instead of making the condition better, most people will suffer from a more severe case of acne.

You cannot deny the fact that acne is ugly. Everything about acne is undesirable; the pimples, redness, swelling, and even the brown spots. It can definitely cause a great deal of damage to a person's face. But the worst thing that could happen is the damages it might cause emotionally and psychologically. Acne is never pretty, in any kind of way. This is especially true if the acne comes in a severe form.

Can you over treat acne using different methods? Yes, but it is never recommended.

How to Deal with Acne Using Simple Methods

Acne can be very difficult to deal with. People say that you need to pay attention to what you eat. But this is not an easy thing to do. Changing ones diet requires a major intervention in a person's life. You are also instructed to wash your face as much as three times a day and don't touch your face with dirty hands. Doctors even recommend avoiding makeup, the only thing people can use to cover the acne. These may be simple things and include the daily routines in your lives, but in the end, hopefully, everything will be worth it. So, going back to the question, can you over treat acne?

How to Deal with Acne Using Medications

The over treatment of acne is caused by most drugs. But the fault lies not on the drugs alone, but more because of the misuse of the users. Since most people with acne are very eager to get rid of the problem, they often put too much creams, take more than the required dose of antibacterial and other related medications, and the like. This makes the acne problem worse than it already is. So, can you over treat acne? The answer is a big yes.

Although there is no known cure for acne, there are ways to deal with the problem medically. Don't think that you will have acne for the rest of your life, leading you to over treat acne. In treating acne, you have to be careful which medication to use. Some people spend so much money on a treatment never works.

One of the best-known remedies in getting rid of acne is through using benzyl peroxide. This is considered as a traditional medicine used for acne. It has been used since the 40's. This is, in fact, the most common ingredient found on anti-acne treatments such gels, lotions, facial wash, and all sorts of similar items. It works by drying out the sebum and kills the bacteria on the skin. "Can you over treat acne with Benzyl Peroxide?" it's a yes, and too much may cause drying of the skin.

It is never good to take all acne medications at once. Since you now know on how can you over treat acne, you can avoid those bad habits and solve acne problems the right way.

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Benefits of Yoga: Unifying Mind and Body

If there's one thing yoga taught me it's this: balance is the key to a happy and healthy life.

For most of us, yoga has been equated with a sort of exercise, an aerobic activity that is designed to help us tone our muscles, improve our flexibility, and hey, while we are at it, lose a little bit of that extra weight.

But if you take a closer look, yoga can actually do much, much more than just improve our physical condition. More than what it does for our body, yoga is also a way for us to achieve peace and balance mentally, emotionally and spiritually, especially in such a fast-paced and over-stimulating world.

When I first encountered yoga, it was being offered as a group exercise at the local gym. The emphasis was so much more on the athletic ability and the physicality of it, that it didn't make a lasting impression on me. But when I continued practicing, I found subtle differences that, when put together, made such a profound impact on me.

Physically, all the backbends, arches and shoulder rotations improved my posture. I found that every time I reached up to touch both my palms together in a tree pose, my shoulders and my heart open and I feel such a wonderful release of tension and then bringing those palms together down in a prayer position gives me a feeling of centeredness and focus that I rarely get even in my most still moments.

When I am in a lunge, I really feel the strength of my leg muscles building up in order to support me in a warrior pose, and that awareness of my own strength buoys my spirit. It tells me that what my body can endure, my heart and mind will be able to withstand as well.

Sure it is a physically taxing activity. I am not going to sugarcoat it for you. Yoga will push your body to its limits, but once you get into a groove, yoga can be a rewarding experience not just for the body but also for the mind.

I have had so many amazing encounters during the course of my yoga practice and these are but a few. I know I will continue to find moments of pure joy, enlightenment and physical challenges as well and I hope I will always get to share all of these wonderful anecdotes with you.

Light Stays Retreats and Living is a new global holistic directory to inspire and guide your mind, body and soul. Through Light Stays find your perfect retreat, event, class or workshop or post yours for others to see.

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Pimples Are a Condition Many People Get

Pimples - Causes and Treatments

Pimples are a condition that happens to many people. Though they often occur during adolescents, they can continue well into a person's 20's or longer. Though they do not pose any health problem if taken care of properly, many people want to find a solution to improve their complexion. When this is the case, finding the right treatment for pimples is critical and it does not have to be difficult to do. Seeking the right solution is only possible if you know what causes the condition and what treatment options are best for that concern.


In order to treat pimples, you will need to know what is causing them to occur. In some cases, it will not be possible to pinpoint a specific reason, but there are often ways to improve the condition. In most cases, three conditions occur that lead to the development of a pimple.

1 - The skin over produces an oil called sebum. This creates a moist warm environment.

2 - Shedding of dead skin cells occurs more constant and blocks pores.

3 - Both of these factors contribute to a buildup of bacteria, which benefits from the moisture and the skin cells.

Because of these three conditions, pimples form. In order to treat the condition, then, it is important to find a way to reduce any of these three elements therefore to improve the condition of the skin. It is possible to do this with the right treatment options.

Treatment Options

When it comes to treating pimples, many products on the market could offer help. When considering any of them, determine if they help the underlying cause of the pimples. Here are some things to consider.

1 - When purchasing over the counter products to use as pimple treatment, be sure to choose products designed for the specific concern (over production of oils or dead skin cells).

2 - To reduce the redness and irritation, consider acne treatment products designed to soothe the skin. The body's natural immune system works to fight off the infection the bacteria causes and thus the skin becomes inflamed and painful.

3 - Prescription strength medications and treatments can work well. Prescription products can help to reduce or regulate the hormones creating the over production of oils. However, prescription medications can have side effects. Consider other products that are over the counter first.

Understanding pimples is important. For many people, these minor infections are nothing to worry about because the body's natural immune system will handle the inflammation. However, they can be unsightly and in some cases they can develop into severe conditions. The best way to avoid this is to improve the conditions in the skin to reverse the conditions that cause pimples to form in the first place. The good news is that most people can see significant improvement in the way their skin looks by simply putting more focus on the overall care of the skin. With the right treatment, significant improvement can happen and pimples do not have to rule your face.

Pimples are a condition that happens to many people. Take the time to find out how to treat Pimples.

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Can Kids Yoga Help Relieve Stress?

Kids live active, stressful lives. They attend school, do homework, participate in competitive sports, play video games, and meet their friends at the mall. In addition, they deal with divorce, new schools, tough neighborhoods, illnesses, bullying, and pressure to get excellent grades. Whatever the burdens might be - kids need to learn how to manage stress. Yoga is a practice often cited for helping adults cope with stress. Can Yoga help kids, too?

Positive Results of One Study

According to a 2011 article, published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, researchers at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health say: "Yes." They studied 97 fourth and fifth graders, half of whom participated in a 12-week Yoga program. The researchers found that the students, who practiced Yoga, demonstrated improved overall behavior and ability to concentrate. In addition, the Yoga kids were less likely to ruminate on negative thoughts or engage in a brooding contemplation, often associated with depression and anxiety, than those who did not participate in the Yoga program.

Changing Thinking Patterns

Yoga may help kids on different levels. Practicing physical postures (asanas) can increase the production of endorphins, which generate feelings of well-being. Breathing techniques (pranayama) help regulate the nervous system by activating parasympathetic (relaxation) neurons and calming sympathetic (flight or fight) neurons. Guided relaxation techniques benefit kids by giving them an alternative way to respond to the stressors in their lives. Instead of responding with anger or anxiety, kids learn to relax and breathe through their negative emotions. Yoga students also learn how to manage the mind and perceive stressful situations in a different light. They begin to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Teaching Yoga Life Skills to Children

Teaching Yoga to kids, however, is not like teaching adults. The biggest challenge may be keeping their attention. Songs, music, and games all help keep kids focused on learning Yoga. In addition, kids love to move and make sounds, and they can make noises while in the poses; for example, kids bark while holding Downward Facing Dog pose or squawk while in Eagle pose. The poses help relieve physical stress, while making sounds, which also help to relieve stress on the emotional and mental levels.

Learning Yoga at a young age, can give kids a set of tools for managing stress in a positive way, for the rest of their lives. Non-competitive in nature, Yoga teaches children compassion and collaboration, rather than anger and divisiveness, which are valuable instruments for navigating the stresses of life.

Opportunities for Yoga Teachers

Yoga instructors reach out to many different age groups. If, or when, we decide to teach Yoga to children, we create a positive impact on global society. Children need valuable life skills to progress and cope with an ever-changing world. Children gather in schools, clubs, and sports leagues. It is easy for local Yoga teachers to reach out to these groups and give the next generation skills that will last a lifetime.

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Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, has written many books on the subject of Yoga. He is a co-owner and the Director of Yoga Teacher Training at: Aura Wellness Center, in Attleboro, MA. He has been a certified Master Yoga Teacher since 1995. To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit:

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Yoga For Weight Loss: Doing The Boat Pose

In yoga, the boat pose is one of the more popular poses for building core strength. This yoga pose will tone your abdominal muscles and strengthen the muscles of your lower back. There are two types of boat poses: one is the half boat pose and the other is the full boat pose.

Another benefit of the boat pose is that it strengthens your hips, abdomen, and spine. It also stimulates your kidneys and your intestines, which helps to improve digestion. The boat pose also regulates the thyroid glands and the prostate glands, which help to regulate your metabolism and help to relieve your stress. Improved digestion and an increased metabolic rate are key factors in weight loss.

This pose can be strenuous for beginning yoga practitioners, because it requires complete concentration and quite a bit of physical stamina. Practicing this pose on a regular basis may help you to stay focused and calm. It is not recommended that you do this pose if you currently have headaches, diarrhea, or low blood pressure. Also, if you are suffering from heart conditions or asthma, you should do the half boat pose instead of the full pose. If you are pregnant or menstruating, it is recommended that you do not do this pose.

To begin this pose, sit on the floor, bend your knees, and put your feet flat on the floor. It is important to inhale and exhale smoothly and evenly. With your spine straight, tilt backward a bit and raise your feet from the ground so that your shins run parallel to the floor. Bring in the lower part of your back, raise your chest, and stretch the front part of your body. Reach your arms forward, and be sure that they line up with your shoulders and that your hands are facing each other.

Your legs should be straight up at an angle of 45° from the ground. At this point, your body should be in a V shape. While looking at your feet, move your shoulders forward and stretch out your hands in front of you. Stay in this pose for about five seconds, and gradually increase that time to one minute.

Some things to keep in mind when doing this exercise are to keep your back straight and to balance yourself in the V position without any assistance from your hands. Perfecting this pose requires practice and dedication.

When practicing yoga for weight loss, you'll find that the boat pose is a good choice for burning calories. Remember that courses on yoga for beginners will build up to introducing this pose.

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The Best Career in Fitness

It's been over a decade since Pilates became the rave in town yet this exercise is not just a fad. It has been proven to be a very effective strengthening exercise so it's still preferred by celebrities to date. It is also very effective for people who've had some injury and are unable to join aerobics classes. That's why Pilates is still in great demand.

If you are an enthusiast, you might want to consider getting Pilates certification or even become a Pilates instructor. With certification, you won't have to pay so much for attending your favorite classes and you won't have to hate yourself for having to miss these classes for financial reasons. The Pilates certification program trains you in knowing all the techniques in Pilates and even qualifies you to be a Pilates instructor. This program can be benefitted from by artists, dancers, actors and other professionals. If you are in the middle of launching your acting or dancing career, you don't have to get stuck in waiting tables or doing other odd jobs. Pilates instruction certainly pays a lot more per session and you can expect fixed amounts compared to the tips.

You may already know that this exercise can also include the use of specialized equipment. To be able to design workouts around this equipment, you will need to attend Pilates Reformer classes. It's fun and quite efficient in helping you shape up. You may have this piece of equipment at home and you could probably figure out on your own which settings work best for you but as a certified Pilates instructor, you would be trained in knowing how others can use this piece of equipment, too. You will be knowledgeable in adjusting the settings so your students can optimally execute their exercises. You will be proficient in designing different routines with this equipment. What is actually more important, so you can keep your clients, is knowing their preferences in exercising. With the proficiency in the many Pilates techniques, you should be able to design workouts that will keep your clients interested in doing Pilates and at the same time see their desired results.

It's at first kind of daunting if you don't know much about Pilates yet but the instructional programs are constantly improving to include many new tried and tested workout regimes. You can use these by default and make changes as you see fit later. The key to being successful at it is understanding the principles behind each exercise and the different physical needs and requirements of different types of people.

If you find great joy in helping people improve themselves and actualize their dreams, you will feel very rewarded as a Pilates instructor. It's been proven many times over that Pilates works and a career in it is physically, socially and financially rewarding. Find a good instructor school online and become a Certified Pilates instructor.

Pilates is a series of controlled, flowing movements designed to strengthen muscles surrounding the spine, improve endurance and flexibility. To learn more about Pilates, visit and start your Pilates Exercise now.

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5 Tips for Ending Adult Acne

We all want to look good and feel beautiful. We spend a lot of time and effort on beauty products to help get smooth and clear skin. However, there are still some instances where we encounter acne breakouts even as adults.

Adult acne can happen in many ways. Other people can have inflammatory acne. This happens when the bacteria on our skin produce substances that irritate the skin and the surrounding follicle. This causes redness on our skin and can cause blockages on our skin pores leading to pimples and blackheads.

A lot of factors can affect an individual's chance of getting acne as an adult. For most women, hormonal imbalance during menstruation or pregnancy can cause our skin to break out. Stressful situations can also cause acne breakout for most people.

You can reduce acne by using anti-acne creams and moisturizers. While these anti-acne products can be effective, they can come with huge price tags. As with all treatment, you have to religiously apply them on your face to prevent recurring break outs.

Aside from facial creams and astringent, facial clinics offer services such as facial scrubs, diamond peel and acne treatments. These services are meant to keep your face looking clear and smooth. However, you have to be careful as you may be allergic to some of the active ingredients they use during these treatments. Also, these treatments can be expensive depending on the severity of your acne problem and the complexity of the procedure.

So how can we help fight adult acne naturally? Here are five tips that will help eliminate them naturally:

1. Make sure to clean your face at least twice daily. If you have to wash your face frequently during the day, use a mild soap or facial foam so you don't get dry skin. Make use of mild astringent as well in between washes to prevent oil and dead cells from clogging your pores.

2. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. This is perhaps the cheapest way to get rid of acne as water keeps your skin hydrated and helps remove body toxins.

3. Exercise regularly by taking a 30-minute jog around your neighborhood. Regular exercise helps the body get rid of the toxins through sweating. Exercise can also help you cope from undue stress in your life.

4. You can purchase anti-acne creams, moisturizers and cleansers available in the market nowadays. These beauty products help prevent dead cell build up on your pores and removes bacteria that may irritate your skin.

5. Take control of your life and make use of healthy coping mechanisms to reduce your stress level. Avoid smoking as much as you can as it kills living cells and can be bad for your skin. Eat the right diet of fruits and vegetables to help decrease the build up of bad toxins in your body.

By doing these simple steps, you can conquer adult acne at any time of your life. By following a healthy lifestyle, you are one step closer on getting a clear and smooth skin everyone will surely love.

Author Kenwood Porter writes about health and beauty for a number of online publications. Visit his favorite Botox clinic for more information on looking your best.

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Yoga Practice and Positive Psychology: Positive Group Affiliation

The combination of a regular Yoga practice, with the incorporation of positive psychology principles, can have a profoundly uplifting effect on a Yoga practitioner. Many of us struggle with low self-esteem, self-doubt, anxiety, and even a significant amount of depression. Positive psychologists approach a sense of malaise and mental duress from a positive perspective. Instead of focusing on the cause of anxiety, low self-esteem, and even mental illness, positive psychologists focus on each individual's personal talents, skills, aptitudes and intelligence. By focusing on an individual's strengths, these strengths will grow, along with a stronger sense of self-worth and overall competency.

The practice of Yoga asanas, relaxation techniques, pranayama exercises, and meditation techniques offer a Yoga practitioner a wide range tools that, if practiced regularly, will cultivate an overall sense of well-being. A regular practice of Yoga will increase a practitioner's sense of physical well-being, as well as lower levels of anxiety and calm the mind.

As the mind calms, the body's biochemistry begins to re-balance in a more optimal fashion. Although most people take breathing for granted; pranayama exercises (Yogic breathing techniques) are some of the most powerful tools Yoga offers us to help lower stress and anxiety levels. As your stress and anxiety levels decrease, your overall sense of well-being will increase. Practicing Yoga postures, regularly, will also increase your sense of accomplishment, physical well-being, and self-esteem.

An often overlooked aspect of practicing Yoga, regularly, with a group of dedicated spiritual seekers, is the positive group affiliation that practicing with the same group of Yoga practitioners provides. This is one of the primary "pillars" of positive psychology: positive group affiliation. Most Yoga studios offer a degree of social interaction and community, or environmental activism opportunities, to their Yoga students.

For example, there may be a potluck dinner and a kirtan on Friday evenings, which would give you a chance to mingle with other Yoga students and engage in an uplifting activity. Also, there may be a volunteer workday scheduled to help your community plant flowers in the town square. On the outside looking in, it may appear that you are giving of your time and energy, but your heart and mind will be uplifted through the positive energy cultivated by your generous actions, as well as the new friendships you will begin to form.


Positive groups, social activities, and affiliations, have a cumulative effect on one's holistic health profile. One's mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, are not just separate parts. Our state of health can be enhanced through the cultivation of positive energy, which Yoga offers.

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Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, has written many books on the subject of Yoga. He is a co-owner and the Director of Yoga Teacher Training at: Aura Wellness Center, in Attleboro, MA. He has been a certified Master Yoga Teacher since 1995. To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit:

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Spicing Up Your Classes With Power Yoga

Every teacher or studio eventually receives requests from experienced students for a challenge. How can we keep our classes safe and give students a challenge? As a Yoga instructor, you have many options - among them are Power, Vinyasa, Hot, and Hatha styles that hold asanas for minutes to build strength. If you are really sharp at adjustment and modifications, you can modify for beginners, while giving your veteran students a challenge in the same class.

However, let's look at a way to spice up your Yoga classes with contemporary style, which grows in popularity by the day. Most of us feel that Power Yoga is not for beginners, because it is better to build a solid foundation, with precise techniques, before jumping into a movement based class. After all, we have Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) for beginners and most of them are huffing and puffing after four rounds. Many Yoga teachers are concerned with the lack of precision beginners have during a twelve step series. As we know, condoning poor alignment is asking for trouble. Therefore, if beginners want a challenge, give them rounds of precise Surya Namaskar. There are many variations of Surya Namaskar to choose from and the variations of Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutations) are also an option. With these endless options, you can teach students to focus on precision and stamina before they jump into a Power Yoga class.

The Beginning of Power

Although Yogic principles date back for thousands of years, Power Yoga is a relatively new style that became popular in the mid-1990s. The term was coined by Bryan Kest and Beryl Bender Birch in the last half of the 1980s, and they used it to describe a physical version of a style practiced in India that is known as Ashtanga Yoga. Power classes are often associated with Ashtanga because of this background, but the term can also refer to different types of Yoga practices, such as generic Vinyasa or a flowing, but precise, variation.

The Power style is characterized by a more physical, flow-based physical practice, which makes for a better "workout" than traditional forms of Yoga. This style does not emphasize meditations or chanting and is often the type of Yoga offered in gyms. Since it is often derived from Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Yoga links breathing to movement. The exact pace we set for a series of movements can build strength or make it aerobic. For example: To enable your student in building strength, the poses could be held for longer than five breaths.

Types of Power

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a very challenging practice. It is the contemporary physical offshoot of Patanjali's Raja Yoga. In order to proceed through its three groups of sequences, practitioners must follow a precise order of techniques. Mastery of the entire primary sequence is required before the practitioner is able to move to the second sequence. As a form of Vinyasa, Ashtanga seeks to synchronize its movements with Ujjayi pranayama, as a method for linking the mind and body.

Hot or Warm Vinyasa

Warm or hot Vinyasa classes are based upon dynamic movement and heating up the room to, at least, 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature rise seems to be inspired by the principles of Bikram Yoga. Bikram is a Hatha style that is practiced in a room that has been heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat keeps muscles warm and enables a deeper stretch during asana practice. Bikram follows a strict pose sequence that is performed twice during the typical hour and a half session. Unlike Ashtanga, however, Bikram does not have levels of sequences; instead, the perfection of each pose continues to build strength and flexibility for the Bikram practitioner. Whether you would like teach your Vinyasa class hot, warm, or at a moderate temperature, the warmer versions seem to be popular in northern climates during winter months.

Generic Power Yoga

Although Ashtanga has a pre-determined series of poses, Power Yoga can also refer to a class in which a variety of poses are practiced. A typical Power series, could includes variations of solar flows, which integrate Surya Namaskar with any other sequence of movement, which flow well into each other. The point is you are free to create balanced flows, which give your students endless, but safe challenges.

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Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, has written many books on the subject of Yoga. He is a co-owner and the Director of Yoga Teacher Training at: Aura Wellness Center, in Attleboro, MA. He has been a certified Master Yoga Teacher since 1995. To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit:

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Becoming a Yoga Studio Owner

Here's a subject that most yoga instructor training courses will never inform you about. After all, why should your local studio help you build their future competition? Most of us don't want to think about competition in the marketplace, but it happens. We love yoga, but we need to make money to live.

Becoming a yoga studio owner takes more than just a casual love for the art but a fiery passion and drive to share yoga with the world and the business smarts to make it happen. First of all, it's important to have a business plan: Make sure you can make your enterprise profitable. Are you planning on being the sole yoga teacher? Are you planning on hiring yoga instructors? When will you teach? What will be the scope of your business? Many resources for mapping a profitable business can be found online or at your local library.

In addition to the business plan, it's vital to assemble a series of practical steps to take that will each bring you one step closer to yoga studio ownership. Take a look at your business plan and access what it will take to bring each element to life. Do you need to get a loan for upfront investments? Do you need to be trained as a yoga teacher? Do you need to hire teachers? Make sure you account for things such as necessary building permits and codes as well as certifications if any are required. Look into your local laws and regulations. Account for where the funds to purchase real estate are going to come from. It may be prudent to rent the space for your business for a time while you acquire enough profits to reinvest in your own studio.

After the initial technical issues, the fun can begin. Make sure to design your studio in a way that is inviting and compelling to clients. Marketing is a large part of any successful business, and in the yoga studio business, the feelings of your clients as they walk in the door is half the battle. Use design to communicate to your clients the kind of space you want this to be and the kind of energy you want to encourage. This is likely to be relaxing, serene and meditative, but you can also experiment with hip, determined, athletic, intense, or any other feeling you want to create. It can be a huge advantage to separate your studio from the pack of bamboo, waterfalls, and chakra illustrations.

If you are looking for something with a plan included, consider opening a franchise location. Franchises provide brand recognition and answer all the questions about running the business, design and otherwise. Franchises offer many benefits to rookie owners or those who are a bit risk-averse and are okay with forfeiting some creative control. Whatever you do, make sure to thoroughly research the business side of your operation: It will make or break your studio.

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Faye Martins, is a Yoga teacher and a graduate of the Yoga teacher training program at: Aura Wellness Center in, Attleboro, MA. To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit:

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