Sunday, 24 June 2012

Which Is The Best Acne Treatment And Why?

"So, which is the best acne treatment!?" As a long-time writer and researcher of skin care and health related issues, this is certainly one of the most frequent questions I encounter from individuals seeking to treat and get rid of their acne.

In a way, it reflects two important things about the market out there: first is the huge amount of oftentimes conflicting advice and products and treatment options presented to acne sufferers that render them too confused and paralysed to make the right choices; and, second, most of the choices available aren't effective enough to give the lasting results that sufferers want and, therefore, those who have sampled those acne treatment options still sense-- correctly-- that there could be much better ways to go about treating their acne.

The biggest reason why people don't get the results they want is that many of the popular treatments available don't really cure acne; they only provide a relief from it. You see, acne is not just a problem on the skin that you can simply get rid of with laser or swallowing some pills or a topical application of some sort. It's much deeper than that. The zits and blackheads and frequent breakouts are mere symptoms of the real problem.

Acne is more of an internal problem, caused by internal imbalances within the body. And because a majority of treatments out there focus on treating the external symptoms alone, many sufferers never see their acne treated as expected or desired. Any approach that focuses on direct skin treatment alone will only mask the symptoms-- and therefore only provide some temporary relief-- but will never cure acne for good.

The alternative approach, on the other hand, is actually the best acne treatment there is, and it's what more and more sufferers are resorting to in order to free themselves from the indefinite dependence on acne medications and creams and other "temporary-relief" treatments. This is the holistic approach to treatment.

Unlike the superficial means of treatment discussed earlier, a holistic acne treatment focuses on the whole body, instead of just isolated parts like the skin. Among other things, for example, this approach also takes into account and factors in something as crucial to curing acne as diet, which is usually completely ignored in the superficial treatments.

By addressing the deeper root causes of the problem and ensuring an "acne-free internal environment", a holistic approach actually cures and provides lasting results; and it's this reason that makes it the best acne treatment any acne sufferer can use.

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