Monday, 4 June 2012

Yoga Straightens And Strengthens Your Spine

Yoga is known as many different things to many people. Some people think that it is just meditating. Some people think it is for contortionists and very flexible people. Others think it is just for skinny people. The truth is it is for everyone. The poses in a yoga class allow the body to work against gravity and itself to bring the body back to the alignment it was supposed to be in. This is especially true for the spine. All the twisting and bending and stretching helps the spine to move out of the state your life has put it in and into the posture it was always intended.

It does not matter how fit you are or are not. If you do the poses you will begin to notice a difference fairly immediately. Initially the practice will help to release the stiff and tight areas between the vertebrate. Once it does the releasing it will begin to align the bones and ligaments and tendons that make up the spine. Merely stretching, lengthening, and aligning is not going to help if you do not have the muscles to support the new proper alignment. So as soon as your spine is aligned the supportive muscles in the back of the body are strengthened through a regular yoga practice. The core muscles from the abdominal muscles to the lower back are strengthened through various poses.

If you are not flexible in your spine, doing the yoga practice will make you a little more flexible. It won't make you into a contortionist over night. But it will help you to get the slouch out of your back due to forty years of living with poor posture. You should go to a yoga class and get a sequence designed by a professional. But there are several poses that are designed for the spine specifically.

Poses like camel pose and locust pose as well as cat and cow are wonderful poses to help the spine gain more flexibility in the forward and backward motion. There are many twists that help to break up the adhesion built up between the vertebrate over time. Navasana or boat pose targets the abdominal muscles specifically to ensure that your belly muscles are strong enough to support your new spine. Apart from these specific poses, all the poses are designed with the body parts working together in mind.

The spine is the channel that carries the energy from the brain through the rest of the body. When there are problems with the spine you will have problems controlling basic functions of living. Yoga helps clear that channel of energy so that you can live a long and full life.

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