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Using Laser Treatment For The Removal Of Acne

Laser Acne Removal Treatment - Acne can sometimes make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in the public. Laser acne removal treatment has been considered a safe, painless and most effective method to handle this kind of problem. Because of its outstanding effects, such as burning away the follicle sacs from which the hair grows, burning away the sebaceous glands which are responsible for oil production, hence reducing the release of oil from the skin which brings in oxygen that will kill bacteria found on the skin. However, laser acne removal causes thermal damage to the skin and might also induce hyper pigmented spots or cause long-term skin dryness.

Laser acne removal is done by a surgeon in which a local anesthetic material is applied on the area of the skin to be treated, after which your face is washed again within a few minutes. The laser removal process then starts and normally takes a few minutes if the area of treatment is small or up to a few hours if the treatment involves the whole face. Normally if the treatment involves a small area then the laser will penetrate only up to the epidermis, but if it's the whole face or deeper operation, then it penetrates up to the upper levels of the reticular dermis completely removing the acne. The great thing about this treatment is that it allows the surgeon to be flexible while handling the skin.

After treatment the surgeon applies an antibiotic ointment which is useful in helping the patient to avoid any infection before the top layer of skin returns to normal. Swelling occurs in rare cases but if it happens then ice packs are used to limit the swelling and pain killers are usually given to the patient to avoid any discomforts.

For the first few weeks after treatment, it is advisable to avoid usage of mild moisturizers such as creams in order to prevent skin dryness as it will affect your skin. In addition to that the use of shampoos should be very mild as much as possible. The patient is also encouraged to use a strong sun block cream in order to stay away from the direct sunlight because exposure to the ultra violet rays cause sunburns which later result in acne formation.

Pros and Cons of Laser Acne Removal

The advantages of laser acne removal are, that there are no scarring after the whole process, no wound formation, no dis-colorization of the skin, you skin feels light and tender soft. However, the patient will experience pain especially if the anesthetics were not effective. There have been reports on reddening of the skin after treatment, inflammation and peeling of the skin. In addition to that, laser acne removal is expensive as many insurance companies consider it to be cosmetic procedure, hence they do not pay for it. The patient will be forced to get the $150 to $300 per session of 4 to 6 sessions within 6 months for effective results.

Acne is a very troubling disease for those who suffer from the effects of this annoying condition. For many people it can be a total embarrassment if it is very serious, and the best way is to reach to the root of its causes and try to find a solution. To treat acne, you must follow the right treatment under the supervision of a good dermatologist. For more information and advice, please visit us at

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