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Health Benefits of Yoga for the Over 50 Crowd

Our elderly population is growing quickly along with their interest in living active, fit lives. Generally speaking, we live longer than we did 10 years ago, and we all want to live a high-quality life with good health as a component of our golden years. As we mature, on the other hand, we generally become more vulnerable to ailments that are associated with getting older, and, as a result, we have a tendency to move less. The less we move, the harder it gets and we succumb to a variety of health conditions, so it turns into a truly vicious loop.

Although many of us believe that we ought to follow their advice and relax as we ease into retirement that is actually just what we shouldn't do. Long periods of sitting will lead to muscles shortening, tightening and weakening. Not enough weight-bearing activity plays a role in brittle bones. A lack of motion and stretching results in joint deterioration and decrease in flexibility. Of grave concern for our older population is the lack of balance which comes, in part, from sitting instead of standing and from not practicing your balance in various positions. Complications resulting from falls among people over 65 frequently lead to many serious problems, perhaps result in death.

Many health concerns are linked to the sedentary lifestyle which is typical of many elderly people, including some of the following:

Reduced joint flexibility



High blood pressure

Increased percentage of body fat and decreased lean body tissue


Lower back pain

Shortness of breath

Poor blood flow

Vision difficulties

Chronic pain in muscles and bones


Insomnia and other sleep problems

In light of our growing senior population and the health conditions associated with aging, researchers are beginning to take a closer look at the health concerns of this population and at how these issues can be addressed. The following information will explain how Yoga can be used with this population to increase mobility and reduce many health concerns facing the elderly.


Yoga has been shown to help many health concerns, especially ones related to bones and muscles. This makes it an increasingly popular exercise choice for the elderly population. Seniors Yoga classes are opening up everywhere - from community centers to senior centers to health clubs to assisted living residences, and even in many church basements.

The benefits of Yoga include slowing - or even slowly reversing the aging process. This is probably a good reason that this 4000 year-old practice has continued to flourish even today. It's also a primary reason that Yoga has experienced the most growth of any fitness program over the past seven years.

Armed with the information of the medical conditions of her class participants a good Yoga instructor can modify poses to help each individual to take advantage of the movements of Yoga. The senior participants of any particular class at the start can choose what works best for them. Most people who have heard of Yoga know about the benefits of strengthening and flexibility that is gained by this activity. This article has highlighted many of the benefits off Yoga for the elderly.

Tom Greenman

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