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Acne Treatments That Work

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Many people suffer from acne, a skin condition that causes pimples and zits, which include both whiteheads and blackheads, and even sometimes cysts. Your skin contains tiny holes called pores which holds a hair follicle and an oil gland. Oil is released from your pores to help remove old skin and dirt and to help keep your skin feeling healthy and soft. Sometimes however, these pores produce too much oil causing pores to become clogged, blocking in these old skin cells, dirt and bacteria These blockages are known as a plug or a comedone.

Acne is most common in teenagers due to hormonal changes and effects about three out of four high schoolers, but anyone can get acne even children. Other hormonal changes may also trigger acne, such as menstrual periods, pregnancy, birth control, and stress. Other times hormones are not the cause at all, greasy or oily cosmetics and hair products are known to trigger acne, along with certain types of drugs such as steroids, testosterone, and estrogen. Weather can also be a huge factor, places that have high levels of humidity can cause acne breakouts. Contrast to popular belief, no research has proven that acne can be caused by chocolate, nuts and greasy foods, however, people who eat more food high in refined sugars are more likely to have acne.

There are many different ways to treat acne, from self-care to more intensive medical treatments such as proactive, but medical treatments can be costly and sometimes just cleaning your skin with mild soap such as Dove or Neutrogena twice a day could do the trick. Oily hair can also be a big factor in acne, shampooing your hair daily and combing or pulling your hair back from your face can help avoid more oil from being in contact with your face. Other things to keep in mind are to avoid touching your face throughout the day, don't wear greasy lotions or cosmetics and make sure to take off make-up before you go to bed.

Sometimes these precautions are just not enough and other assistance may be needed. There are many acne solutions out there and finding the one that works for you could be timely and costly. It may be worth your time to try out a new treatment called Elos Technology to help achieve clearer skin. Elos acne treatments uses both bi-polar radio frequency and light energies to resolve acne by treating it at its source, penetrating the skin and destroying active acne causing bacteria, while also reducing oils, helping diminish active acne and helping heal existing acne. Elos treatments are often performed at a dermatologist office or a local med spa.

For a free consultation to start your acne Elos Treatment, contact Abloom, a Glendale Med spa. Most Glendale Med Spas provide effective treatments, seeking to improve their clients bodies providing lasting results with little risk. Abloom Med Spa provides acne treatment along with facials, Smart Lipo, and laser hair removal.

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