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Face Mapping - A Different Way to Do Away With Acne Breakouts

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Face mapping has been used for thousands of years to determine the underlying cause of acne. It connects the position of acne on your face with a deeper problem in the body. By evaluating the precise position of your blemish, you can remedy the problem with a treatment that caters to the precise cause of your breakout and get rid of your acne.

(Please Note: These are general suggestions. Use common sense and check with this post as a resource for living a more healthy and cleaner lifestyle. Just because you have forehead acne doesn't necessarily prove that you have an unhealthy liver!)

Acne on the Forehead

Causes: Forehead acne can be attributable to suffering issues with your digestive system (such as having an inability to digest certain foods properly), problems with your small intestine, or an unhealthy liver. It can also be due to an irregular rest cycle, worry and anxiety, excessive amount of sugar consumption, wearing dirty hats, hair products, and hair bangs.

Solutions: Try your best to stick to a regulated sleep schedule. Go to bed at a decent time and get plenty of rest. It may take a while for your body to adjust, but your skin will thank you for it. Remember to drink plenty of water and refrain from soft drinks and other sugary drinks. Moderate physical activity will also help you regulate your stress and help balance your sleep schedule. Stick to healthy foods (plenty of fruits and vegetables) that don't upset your stomach and make sure to chew thoroughly. Keeping better hygiene will also aid healthier skin (washing face and hair).

Acne on the Temples

Causes: Acne on your temples can be caused by eating excessive amounts of processed food and also high levels of fat in your diet. It can also come from issues with your gallbladder and unhealthy lymphatic circulation.

Solutions: You can fix this by ingesting a lot less processed food (junk food, fast food, etc.). Doing so would also lessen the level of fat in your diet which would also help. Introducing more fruits and vegetables in your diet will also help.

Acne Between the Eyebrows

Causes: Breaking out between your eyebrows can be attributed to consuming extreme levels of alcohol and smoking excessively. It is also connected to having a weak heart.

Solutions: Moderate physical activity and more sleep can be two of the best remedies for this type of acne. In addition, cutting down or avoiding smoking and drinking all together will greatly help your skin as well.

Acne on the Nose

Causes: Acne on your nose is highly connected to poor diet. This is caused by chronic constipation, bloating, and indigestion.

Solutions: Consuming less pungent foods (spices, garlic, etc.) and less meat will make a big impact on this type of acne. Plus, eating warm foods (not too cold or too hot) will aid nose acne as well. On top of that, daily exercise and proper vitamin B consumption will also help to clear up your nose.

Acne on the Left Cheek

Causes: Acne can occur on your left cheek from an unhealthy liver, overeating (therefore not adequately absorbing nutrition), and stress. External aspects (such as cell phones, pillows, and make up tools) can also harm your skin and cause you to break out.

Solutions: Eating healthier and abstaining from overeating can be of valuable help. Aim to keep a positive mood and not stress. Appropriate rest is a must as it allows your liver to rest as well.

Acne on the Right Cheek

Causes: Identical to the left cheek, acne on your right cheek can come from dirty cell phones, pillow cases, and make up tools. It can also happen due to allergies, unhealthy lungs, stress, and stomach problems.

Solutions: Dietary solutions for acne on the right cheek include staying away from fast food and other foods that your stomach may be sensitive to. Other solutions include getting an appropriate amount of aerobic exercise and using effective hygiene.

Acne Around the Lips

Causes: This area of acne is most due to frequent constipation or irregular bowels. It can also be connected to eating too many spicy or fried foods.

Solutions: You can overcome this type of acne by eating more fiber (especially fruits and vegetables) and less spicy/fried foods. Massaging the abdominal area in a clockwise motion may also help with the constipation and irregular bowels.

Acne on the Chin and Jaw

Causes: Acne on the chin and jaw is most due to hormonal balance and kidney imbalance.It can also be because of resting your hands on your face or toothpaste.

Solutions: You can reduce acne on the chin and jaw by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables while abstaining from eating right before bed. Be sure you get plenty of rest and exercise.

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