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Top Acne Fables Debunked

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Myth #1: To help get rid of pimples, you have to wash your face more often.

Fact: Acne is NOT a result of dirt. This idea is often marketed on commercials to boost the product. Dirt and other pollutants do not obstruct the pore from the top. Instead, acne begins from the pore's walls that actually positioned deep inside of the skin. Contrary to popular belief, washing your face too often will actually irritate and block your follicles. More than that, a wash cloth can scratch the skin even more. The most beneficial outputs derive from washing with bare hands and only washing two times per day.

Myth #2: Acne is caused due to stress.

Fact: In theory, stress does have an impact on your hormones, which can lead to the development of acne. Having said that, the acne attributable to stress can certainly be countered by a good and powerful acne solution. Acne may result as a negative effect from various psychiatric prescription drugs, but you shouldn't be too concerned about it. Instead, find an acne treatment system that works effectively for you and pay no thought to stress.

Myth #3: Masturbation or sex can cause acne

Fact: This concept was implemented hundreds of years ago as a way to dissuade adolescents from having premarital sex and is not based on any scientific evidence. A significantly more rational and scientific explanation may be that higher levels of androgens (male sex hormones) can cause an increase in sex drive. Androgens have a relation to acne in that high levels of androgens are frequently associated with more severe occurrences of acne. If anything, the greater androgen levels could be the relating reason for acne, NOT the impulse for sexual activity.

Myth #4: The sun may help eliminate zits.

Fact: This notion is only partially true. Scientific evidence has shown that those with lighter skin may benefit from 10-20 minutes of sun exposure (per day); while people with darker skin may benefit from 20-30 minutes of sun exposure (per day), especially body acne. On the other hand, skin irritation and harm can take place when the skin is overly exposed to the sun. Acne can increase because of this irritation and persist during the subsequent weeks as the skin heals itself.

Myth #5: Improper diet can cause acne

Fact: There isn't enough definitive evidence to back up either side of this idea. Many medical experts believe that dietary variables do have an influence on acne while others disagree. At the end of the day, everybody is different. If you believe that a certain type of food tends to make your acne worse, don't eat it! Having said that, similar to stress, an effective acne treatment should be able to counter any relation between your diet and your acne.

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