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A Natural Remedy For Acne - Oregano Oil

Acne develops when our skin pores or follicles are blocked. This is sometimes due to over production of cells, when the usual draining of oil or sebum gets blocked enabling bacteria to multiply. If this happens, whiteheads, blackheads will result. In more serious cases, inflammation, development of puss and skin break-outs will follow. If not prevented early, the condition will spread because of the bacterial infection and may result in scarring of the affected skin part.

Prevention is vital since this condition usually affects the facial area, although it also occurs in the back, shoulders and arms. A large portion of teenagers in the U.S., about 85% is affected by this skin condition in varying degrees. It needs to be corrected because it is widespread and persistent.

Oregano Oil - Nature's Answer to Acne

The medical intervention for acne usually involves application of special creams, taking of antibiotics and dermatology treatments. There is however a natural way to treat this disease that is effective with no concerns of adverse side effects. This is the application of oregano oil in the affected skin area as well as taking the right doses of it internally.

One of the excellent properties of this essential that can be effective for acne treatment is its antibacterial activity. It has been proven to kill many types of bacteria and prevent their spread. Since acne is made more serious by bacterial infection, you can use this oil to control and prevent the infection.

Another way this oil can help acne is its anti inflammatory quality. Acne is characterized by skin inflammation therefore using this essential will effectively stop the causes that inflame the skin.

More Effective than Antibiotics

Most antibiotics used in acne treatment have adverse side effects. With oil of oregano, this will not be a problem because it is made of 100% organic substances. Its power lies in its phenols, phytochemicals and flavinoids that are plant based and not chemically synthesized substances. Therefore there is no possibility of negative effects such as those associated with antibiotics.

However, these natural substances have such powers that they can also give undue effects if it is taken carelessly and excessively. That's why the recommendation is to dilute the concentrated oil with carrier oil like virgin olive oil or coconut oil before it is applied topically or taken internally. In addition, care must be taken so that the concentrated oil will not be accidentally applied to sensitive areas like the eyes, mucous membranes and the genital area because it will cause burning sensation and skin irritation. Other than these, this oil is perfectly safe to use.

The active ingredient in oregano oil is carvacrol. You can find out about this potent healing agent at

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