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Pimples - Whats the Cause

Pimples - Whats the Cause

Pimples may seem like a fact of life, especially for those who are younger and going through their teenage years. However, this condition is one commonly thought of as a problem for those with dirty skin. That is not always the case. Acne is directly related to a number of factors, including hormone concerns or conditions on the skin in which bacteria are attracted. For those who are dealing with this condition, it is important to understand the cause. Once you know how the pimple is created and why you can take steps to avoid these conditions in the future.

What's Behind Them?

There are three main reasons that pimples form on the skin. This can occur on any area of the body, though during teen years it often occurs along the face, forehead, neck and chest. A combination of all three of these factors that produce the acne is usually the case.

1 - There is an overproduction of oil, called sebum, in the skin. This overproduction of oil creates a warm and even moist climate in the pores. Pores, or the tiny openings in the skin leading deeper into the body, can trap this oil and therefore keep it on the skin for long periods of time.

2 - If there is irregular or significant shedding of dead skin, this can block the pore as well. When dead skin cells flake off, they clog up the pore. This irritates the hair follicles of the skin and causes inflammation.

3 - These conditions (food through the dead skin cells and moisture from the oil) create the ideal atmosphere for bacteria to grow. The body's immune system tries to attack the bacteria. This leads to inflammation and pain, causing the redness.

In the war of the bacteria and the immune system, the skin does battle and often creates further inflammation and pain. Pimples are the areas where the puss and bacteria live and develop, often times growing out of control.

Keep in mind that the skin is a living and breathing organ. It changes every day with the loss of skin cells and the change in moisture levels. In order, to maintain it's health, the pores must stay clean, dry and bacteria free.

Pimples develop when this does not occur. Why does the body over produce oils or have this irregular shedding of dead skin cells? In situations where the condition is minor to moderate, changes in hormones, common with teens, is the underlying problem. For those who have worsening conditions even as they are older, the underlying cause is hormone imbalances within the body.

Pimples are not fun to look at and they can definitely be painful. While pimples can be a problem, they are treatable with the proper products. Any product that can get rid of bacteria, reduce oil product and/or help to manage dead skin cells, will help to improve the way the skin looks and help to get rid of the pimples on it. It takes some time to get this production under control, but it is very important to take steps to do just that.
Pimples are a condition that happens to many people. Take the time to find out how to treat Pimples.

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Pimples - Whats the Cause

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