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Clearing Your Acne Permanently

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Let's face it. Acne is destroying many people social life. Most of them are teens. Some refuse to go on a date or social gathering for fear that they will be make fun of because of their acne. Living an acne life is sure not enjoyable none the least. But the good news is that acne is not a deadly skin disease or it's contagious. It can be prevented and even cure. You just have to know the right treatment and method in curing your acne. Below is some tips and suggestion in helping to reduce your acne with a success rate of 50-60%. Most people don't want to spend money on dermatologist because it can be expensive. The last option for them is to look for home remedy for their acne cure. Some home remedy does work but usually two to three weeks the acne starts coming back! Reason is simple because some home remedies for acne is not meant for long terms cure. You have to find the right treatment that will eliminate your acne not just in the short terms but for once and for all! Again, nothing can be a guaranteed as we are all different. Below is some useful tips and suggestions in slightly preventing or reducing your acne if money is a problem for you.

Some useful tips and suggestions:

Exercise: Yes it is very important. Exercise play a major role in rejuvenating our skin as well as wrinkle in our skin and other skin disorder. Many have found it really helpful after 3 weeks of daily exercise with proper rest in how it clear their acne little by little.

Diet: Avoid caffeine, junk food and salty foods. Eat lot's of vegetables and fruits. A healthy body equals a healthy mind as well as a healthy glowing skin that can help fight acne.

Supplements: Consume vitamin supplements that are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin E.

Sleep: Proper sleep for 7 to 8 hours a night and a life without stress and emotional anxiety can reduce acne.

Washing Your Face: Dermatologists recommended that you wash your face at least twice a day with cold water and a mild cleanser. Using essential oils like juniper, chamomile, lavender, and mint with almond oil on your skin will give amazing results in the long run.

Dermatologist: Your local dermatologists can help treat acne. That would be the last option but it can be expensive. If money is a problem you might want to consider the above suggestions. Dermatologists no doubt will have a higher success rate of 90% or more.

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