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Why Is It That We All Suffer From Acne?

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People of all walks of life suffer with acne. From not so bad, to moderate, to severe, acne can develop on just about any skin type, but what makes the situation worse is some of the things that we do.

Our food choices are first and foremost, diets that are high in fats and sugars tend to lead to breakouts. Having a poor immune system, or a slow metabolic system and an inactive lifestyle all increase the probability of getting acne. So if you have acne, or are starting to get acne. The better that you eat and the more active that you are - you will have less acne then if you didn't.

Science and the medical professionals don't agree on the true effects of stress. However, it's a popular agreement that stress without a doubt, will manifest itself in negative ways. So feeling the stresses that life presents, can trigger breakouts.

The biggest magnet for dirt, grime and oil on your body is your face. Dirt, grime and oil clog the pores on your skin, cause them to become inflamed and deprived of oxygen. This is a big trigger for acne. So if you are continually touching your face with your fingers, or if your hair hits your face, wash your face regularly and keep it as clean as possible.

Hormones in both men and women alike will go awry at times. And any imbalance with hormone levels, in the youth and women in particular will result in a small, moderate or severe acne breakout.

Poor hygiene can have bad effects of your skin. With your skin being the largest organ in your body, acne can develop on many different areas of your skin. Like on your back and shoulders. So if you are just washing your face to rid your skin of acne, that's not enough. Shower each and ever day. Particular if you work up a sweat by either physical activity or the heat of the summer.

Acne on your body, like pimples on your shoulders, back and arms can also flare up due to wearing tight clothes. The continual rubbing of the clothes against your skin will irritate your pores. It will cause the root of a hair to get infected and the result will be an ugly blemish on your skin.

Squeezing zits or popping pimples, as we all have done on occasion is not the way to get rid of a pimple either. When you squeeze a pimple, only a small portion of the oil actually will release itself through the surface of the skin. Most of the grime on the inside will actually be pushed back further into the skin which will re-emerge in other areas.

Dust mites from your body or dander and other particles from the air in your home will surface themselves on your pillow. And when your face is in direct contact with the pillow, you are picking up all these bits of bacteria on your face as you sleep. Make it a point to wash your bed linens as often as possible.

There are so many variables that come into play when trying to figure out how acne develops in your own particular case, but if you can figure out the root cause of acne, you can lessen the severity of your condition that affect us all.

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