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7 Myths About Hair Loss In Men

Male pattern baldness or hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by males by the time they reach 60. There are some who start losing hair at a younger age. Although men don't overreact on their hair loss, it affects them in a similar way like women. American men spend nearly $1 billion a year looking for ways to restore their hair back. In this article, we will discuss about the common myths about hair loss in men:

#Myth 1: Genetic Baldness Comes From The Mother's Side

This is a common myth but not completely true. Although the X chromosome which men get from their mothers is the primary baldness gene, hair loss in men also has other factors responsible for it. This myth buds from the fact that the hereditary factor is somewhat dominant on the mother's side, however recent studies have made it clear that men who have a bald father are more likely to develop the problem later in their life.

#Myth 2: Ageing Men Go Bald

Many people tend to believe that if you are bald that means you are getting older, however this is not true. Although hair loss is common in men who are in their 50s or 60s, the problem may also strike men in their teens. Stress or genetically induced hair loss may also affect 20 and 30 year old males. If hair loss begins early and you do not take necessary precautions to prevent it, the problem is more likely to become severe at a later stage.

#Myth 3: Wearing Hat Causes Hair Loss In Men

Don't blame the poor hat for your receding mane because unlike the contrary belief, it is not responsible for stunting the growth of your follicles. This is good news for men who love wearing hats but fear that they will lose more hair due to this. You must however make sure that you do not wear dirty hats as this would cause infection on the scalp which further accelerates hair loss, so take care of your hygiene.

#Myth 4: Excessive Physical Or Emotional Stress May Turn You Bald

This is true however there is a catch here. The physical and emotional stress will not induce any hair los, however if you are already facing this problems then stress can aggravate it. When you are stressed, the body releases stress hormones or cortisol. It also leads to a hormonal imbalance inside the body which impacts the hair growth. Drastic changes in the body weight may also contribute to hair loss.

#Myth 5: Stay Away From Gels And Hairspray

Some people believe that the products they use contribute to their hair loss; however this is not entirely true. It is not the products but the way you choose them that may impact the growth of your hair. When looking for products to prevent baldness, you must first understand the root cause of the problem and choose a product after proper evaluation. Don't blindly follow the infomercials and try everything that claims to solve the problem. Look for the ingredients present in the product and preferably select the ones that contain powerful and potent ingredients such as saw palmetto and He Shou Wu. This will go a long way in preventing your hair loss issues.

#Myth 6: Eating Carbohydrate May Cause Baldness

Contrary to the popular belief that loading your body with carbohydrate may cause hair loss, it has been proved that carbohydrate and red meat actually provide the essential nutrients that are required for maintaining a full head of hair. Researches have also shown that including certain vitamins and minerals to your diet may help restoring hair growth.

#Myth 7: Exposure To Direct Sun Accelerates Balding

Too much of exposure to sun may make your hair limp and dull but they are not responsible for your baldness. Tanning beds are also not responsible for this problem.

Break free from the myths and try to identify the reason for your hair loss. It could be due to a certain illness, unhealthy life style, lack of proper diet, genetics or due to specific medications. If it is due to an underlying illness then identifying it and getting it treated can help restore hair growth. Many times certain medications that you are taking may be responsible for the problem and it can be easily reversed by discontinuing these medications.

Although there are hair loss medicines available, natural treatment methods are the most effective as they get to the root of the problem and treat it inside out. You may consider including the essential vitamins and minerals in your diet to get the required amount of nutrition for the hair growth. A good hair massage and using shampoos and conditioners that contain natural ingredients can go a long way to keep your hair healthy and strong.

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