Friday, 14 September 2012

4 Reasons Your Back Acne Is Getting Worse

Many persons experience what is called back acne. So what exactly is this type of acne? well, back acne is no different from any other form of acne the only difference is that this form of the skin condition is concentrated on our backs. So why does your back acne seem to be getting worse? Below are 4 reasons to help you understand why pimples on the Back seems to be getting worse instead of better.

1. You are unable to reach it. Back pimples, black heads or white heads, because of their location pose a difficulty in being able to reach them. Acne treatment requires in most cases the application of treatment products on the area affected. So if you are unable to reach the affected area to apply treatment products the acne would automatically get worse.

2. The treatment is not targeted. The skin on our backs is different from the face, so this may pose a difficulty when applying treatment on the back with products that are designed for the face. If you have back acne then it would be wise to use a treatment specifically targeted for use on the back. These products usually come in the form of body washes or other forms that can be lavishly applied to this area of the skin. Hence using a product that is not targeted may result in the condition not being controlled effectively.

3. The clothes you are wearing. Wearing clothing that have your back exposed to the elements of weather can cause acne to actually get worse, most persons that have would tell you that sun exposure actually makes the pimple breakout more pronounce. Additionally if the clothing you are wearing cause undue irritation to the skin this may actually appear to be making the prevailing situation worse.

4. Ignoring the problem. When acne is not on our face, it becomes easy for us to ignore it. Ignoring it on any part of the body makes the problem worse, whether it is on the face or on the back. But because it is not often visible we tend to not be bothered with it. Getting rid of acne or controlling this problem on any part of the body requires a strict treatment regimen, if this is not adhered to then the acne condition would not be improved.

There you have it, 4 reasons why your back acne may be getting worse and not of better.

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