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Using Herbal Remedies To Cure Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is one of the most common skin condition seen in teenagers. Though there are many treatments available to cure this condition, herbal remedies are known to yield best results among them.

When the hormone level in you changes it can result in conditions like acne vulgaris. Some other causes include bacterial infection, inflammation, using dirty towels for rubbing, over using cosmetics, using excessive oils, etc. When these skin conditions are left unattended to for a long time, they can easily increase the risk levels and can easily induce both psychological and physical side effects in you. Thankfully, there are few herbal remedies in the market that can really help you in alleviating acne vulgaris. All these remedies are natural and are safe to try out.

You can apply cucumber paste to the acne affected region to get rid of these skin conditions. The natural silica present in the cucumber paste helps in strengthening and protecting different connecting skin tissues. Owing to this benefit, cucumber paste is also widely used across beauty parlors for face masks. Other benefits associated with cucumber paste are: reduction in wrinkles, curing blackheads, Sebum absorption, reduction of dark circles and dark spots.

Another safe to use herbal remedy is Mint oil. When this oil is used as per the prescription it can help in curing acne vulgaris both externally and internally. This oil has some of the best sedative, disinfectant and cicatrizing properties among all herbal products. Some of the useful components present in mint oil are menthol,menthone, limonene, cardinene and apinene. All these components work in tandem to make your skin glow and render it healthy.

Garlic paste too helps a lot in getting rid of this skin condition. This is the reason why people suffering from acne related problems are advised to include garlic paste in their recipes. Garlic paste also helps improve your immune system by fighting against the acne causing bacteria. Other benefits of this paste include: cholesterol level reduction, improves digestion, clears infected sores, increases libido and eliminates parasites residing in your intestine.

Another way of curing acne vulgaris naturally is by using Honey. When the combination of honey, warm water and salt is used on the acne affected region, it will help in removing scars, nourishing skin cells and eliminating bacteria that causes these skin conditions. You can also try out other ingredients like oats with honey to come up with useful natural variants to help eliminate this acne condition. To come up with the desired results you need to apply these herbal remedies gently over the affected region regularly.

You should never use excess chemicals or creams over acne affected regions as they can easily worsen the existing condition. Instead, you need to try out herbal remedies that are not just natural but very effective and without any side-effects.

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