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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast With Natural or Aggressive Remedies

A lot of acne sufferers will be left with deep, stubborn scars long after the initial breakout of spots has cleared. Being affected by acne as a teenager is unpleasant enough, but the old red or brown acne scars can continue to curse someone well into their adulthood.

Acne scars are quite common, so thankfully there are several different steps that can be taken to help with diminishing the appearance of these blemishes, and to forget a breakout-plagued past. From mild topical treatments to retinoids, and from chemical peels to surgery, it is now possible to try a whole host of natural or aggressive treatments to help clear the skin.

Even if plagued with acne scars from years past, it is still possible to clear-up the skins appearance with the right treatment. Some of the natural treatments for acne scars consist of -

• Topical Medications - A cream, lotion, oil, or ointment that can be applied to the skin to help with stimulating fresh skin cell growth. Prescription-strength or over-the-counter treatments are available with varying degrees of success in reducing the appearance of scars. Medication of this nature often includes such ingredients as salicylic or hydroxy acids, with some including antihistamines or corticosteroids to aid in calming itching and inflammation,

• Pressure Bandages - Hypertrophic or raised scars are often treated with the assistance of a pressure bandage to help smooth or at least diminish the appearance of raised scar tissue. A slow process, which will need to be repeatedly applied over the course of several months or more before a change in appearance is noticed.

• Vinegar - Use vinegar to act similar to a chemical peel to aid in removing the outer layer of skin. A mild alternative to a full chemical peel (more on that below), which aims to replace old skin cells with new.

• Fresh Lime Juice - Soak cotton wool in freshly squeezed lime juice and apply that to the acne scars, this helps to lighten the scars, making them mush less noticeable.

If the natural treatments didn't give the desired results, it might be necessary to look at the more aggressive procedures. Some of the more popular procedures offered by clinics or dermatologists consist of -

• Chemical Peels - A full-face chemical peel (also referred to as chemabrasision) is an aggressive form of treatment that peels away the outer layers of skin, which will stimulate a new and smoother surface.

• Laser Treatment - A highly effective method to remove deep scarring - a dermatologist, using a light laser, will remove the outer layer of skin to help with the growth of a new layer. Several different laser types and lights are available, with the type used determined by a patients skin type and degree of scarring.

• Surgery - Several different types of surgery procedures are available to the dermatologist, such as those using for raising, filling, or removing scar tissue. Dermabrasion for instance, is a practice of sanding away the outer layer of blemished skin with a type of wire brush - this allows new skin to develop, which will be a lot smoother and contoured in appearance.

If you're suffering from the effects of acne scars, it will certainly help to learn the best procedures on how to get rid of acne scars fast for a clear and smooth skin complexion.

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