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Guidelines on How to Pop a Pimple

Any and every skin doctor will advise you to never pop your acne and zits. Unfortunately, we all know that it's incredibly not easy to refrain sometimes. We all want to get free of acne spots and get free of it quick. So, if you're going pop your zits, you might as well do it right.

Here's How to Appropriately Pop a Pimple:

Only pop pimples that are actually in a position to be popped. You can examine this by evaluating to see if you have an apparent whitehead on the outside of your skin. This happens to be produced from our white blood cells being grouped up and pushed out of your pore. Generally if the pimple does not have a whitehead, it isn't prepared to be popped. Refrain from squeezing or poking it at this time (or at any time) because it will likely make your acne worse.

Before coming in contact with the face area, make sure to wash your face and hands with warm water and an acne cleanser. Gently pat dry afterwards to make sure you don't scratch or bother your skin.

Find a needle and thoroughly pass the tip of the needle through a flame from a lighter or a match. Use the tip of the flame to sterilize the needle because this is the hottest part of the fire (please take care not to burn yourself!).

Make sure to wait around for several seconds to allow the tip of the needle to cool down (never touch a hot glowing needle!). After that, put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball (or paper towel), and clean the tip of the needle to further disinfect it.

Take another alcohol-soaked cotton ball (or paper towel) and very gently dab the pimple and immediate area (ensure you don't scratch or yank).

Here's where you most be extra meticulous. Put the needle making sure that it's parallel to your skin (not above it pointing down) and puncture the head of the zit. This is very important. You don't want to enter your skin. You only are going to permeate the head of the pimple. Make an effort to keep as parallel with your skin as you can and push the needle through the other side of the pimple then pull up, opening the top of the pimple. If done correctly, you shouldn't feel a thing.

This is the moment of truth. If no pus is released, it indicates that you've popped a pimple that was not ready to be popped. Lightly dab the infected area with alcohol to wipe off any blood and wait 12 to 24 hours to try again (go back to step 1). If pus does come out, proceed to the next step.

Gently push down around the pimple using even force. Try to avoid squeezing the pimple between your fingers because it can push the pustule to rupture backwards and deeper within your skin. This can result in an inflated inflammatory response and create into a painful bump.

Take an alcohol-soaked cotton ball (or paper towel) and lightly wipe the affected area. Afterwards, put gentle force on top of the blemish for about a minute to stop the bleeding.

Conclude by putting on an acne spot treatment to the problem area.

Taking the time to correctly pop your pimple often makes all the difference when trying to get free of acne. Discontinue from popping if you can, however if you just can't wait, refer to this tutorial and do it properly. It will help heal your skin much quicker and minimize the risk of scarring.

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