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Can Fasting Clear Acne?

When you think of fasting, the first thing that comes to your mind is weight loss. Perhaps, you've heard of crash diets that compel you to avoid complete food groups and sizzling exercise routines. And hunger pangs that force your stomach to growl at you! Have you heard that fasting can also cure acne? In fact, it is considered an effective natural acne treatment. Let's see how it works.

Fasting refers to abstinence from solid food for a set number of days. During that stipulated period, your food will include fruits and fluids, i.e. water and juices. You may go on a water fast, juice fast or fruit fast depending on your fasting needs, but make sure that you consult a health care expert for advice and guidance. If fasting seems intimidating, you can simply eliminate certain foods and follow a restricted diet for a short period. This can help you gradually eliminate addictive foods, processed foods etc. that are bad for your skin health. When it comes to fasting, water intake is of paramount importance, regardless of the kind of fast you choose.

Well, how does fasting work towards acne removal? Detoxification. The prime purpose of fasting is to eliminate toxins from your body. Fasting provides the much-needed rest for your digestive system. Instead of spending energy for digestion, your body starts focusing on detoxifying and boosting the functionality of your immune system. As a result, there is better waste elimination through your gastro-intestinal tract and urinary tract, so that your skin is not burdened with the task of expelling toxins. In other words, your body perfects the detoxification process through the liver and kidney rather than using the skin. This in turn prevents and treats acne because healthy skin secretions allow for clearer pores and minimal inflammation. Clearade acne treatment methods describe how acne vitamins contribute to acne removal through better metabolism of skin oil.

Fasting has other benefits as well. It helps you identify foods that you are sensitive to. This is because you clear your body of different types of foods during a fast, particularly water fast. Then, you can re-introduce each food in a systematic manner and observe their effect on your skin and body. It is the best method to identify the foods that worsen your acne and avoid them. Isn't it wonderful to start afresh on a dietary habit that is nutritious and well-balanced? Fasting is definitely not a magic potion, but it can help you optimize wellness and gain a healthy and natural clear skin.

During your fast, drink water in frequent intervals and include buttermilk, fruit juices and vegetable juices. The health benefits of vegetables and fruits can also aid your detoxification process. For instance, spinach has excellent detox properties; carrot juice can provide the much needed carotene that imparts a healthy complexion. Herbal tea is known to prevent hunger pangs. You may also include a variety of vegetable soups as they can help you feel energetic. Lettuce leaves, cabbage, celery, spinach, carrots, green peas, avocados and tomatoes are a few nutritious vegetables for healthy soup recipes.

Though fasting makes way for natural acne cure, it doesn't mean that you go without food indefinitely till your acne disappears! What it means that you switch to a liquid diet for a stipulated period to set off a detoxification process.

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