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Best Acne Scar Treatment - You Just Want Simple Solutions

Acne is such a terrible thing to have. Even saying the word acne itself, sounds bad. You're constantly searching for answers on the best acne scar treatment, but find too many mixed answers on the solution. Here are some straight facts and resolutions for the problem.

Wash your face at least two times a day. Use warm water and mild soap in the process. Mild soap means special soap used for facial cleansing. Massage your face gently in circular motions. More importantly, don't scrub. Scrubbing and over-washing your face can make your skin irritated. Afterwards, you want to apply some over-the-counter lotion containing benzoyl-peroxide. This product will cut the oil and bacteria in your skin.

Don't try to pop or touch your pimples. Popping your pimples can cause the infected material or pus to dwell further in your skin. This process can cause more acne as well as scarring. It is pretty tempting to want to pop those ugly zits but have will power. It there are certain pimples that you need gone visit a dermatologist. They will remove the pimple without causing more scarring or worse, an infection.

Another best acne scar treatment or solution, is to avoid touching your face. Just like popping your pimples and touching them you risk spreading the bacteria or infection to other pores. Another important thing you must do is avoid leaning your face on objects that collect skin residue or sebum, which are oily waxy matter caused by microscopic glands in your skin. Such items like cell phones are things you should tend to avoid leaning your face on.

If you wear glasses or sunglasses regularly, make sure you clean them often. Doing this will prevent oil from clogging the pores around your eyes and nose. Most acne is prone to appear anywhere especially around your face. Acne can appear anywhere even places where you at least expect them like around your eyes. Cleaning your glasses regularly can prevent that from happening.

This next solution for the best acne scar treatment is more so for women, or men believe it or not. Remove makeup before going to bed. When buying certain makeup brands make sure they have nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic on the label. If you have any other makeup at home that is old and smells different from when you first purchased it, throw it away.

Keeping your hair clean and dry is something that should also be done regularly. It's pretty obvious to wash your hair because it is directly above your face. Another important thing to do is keep your hair away from face. There is a lot of dirt and oil in your hair that can slowly come towards your face clogging your pores.

The last thing for the best acne scar treatment is protecting your skin from the sun. Even though the sun helps the world it does have harmful UV rays. Tanning, however is the big problem when it comes to the sun. Tanning worsens the skin, which can make your acne more severe and cause wrinkles and the worst of all skin cancer.

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