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What Causes Pimples and How to Get Rid of Them

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It called by many names, a zit, a blemish, a skin bump, a pustule, but we all know it as one of the most obvious types of acne problems called "pimples". Technically a pimple is a lump on your skin, usually occurring on your face, shoulders, back and chest area that occurs due to the fact that too much dirt and oil gets trapped inside the pores of the skin.

So how do pimples develop on the skin? First off, you need to understand that our skin has thousands of pores. Skin pores are extremely small openings on the surface of our skin which is where our body secretes sweat and oils that help cool off, clean and moisturize the skin. Pores are also where the hair on our head and body appears on our skin. Further down the pores is where you will find sebaceous glands that are responsible for the secretion of an oily substance called sebum. What sebum does is help hair travel to the surface. It is used by the body to excrete dead skin cells and to keep our hair waterproof.

Unfortunately, our pores can become blocked or clogged by dirt from the environment and the dead skin cells it tries to move out to the surface of the skin. Once it becomes clogged, the sebaceous gland does not stop producing sebum which may further aggravate the problem and can accumulate bacteria as well which can cause further inflammation and even an infection. When all of this happens, it results to many different acne problems including but not limited to Pimples.

Now that we know what how it happens and what causes pimples, what can we do to make sure we don't get clogged pores? Well, there are a lot of things you can do actually. First, change your diet. Eat a balanced meal and don't go overboard with the salty junk food and the greasy fast food. A healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and protein will provide your body and in turn your skin with the right nutrients it needs to keep everything in proper balance which will inevitably show on your skin.

Another thing you can do is improve your daily hygiene regimen. Since we get pimples caused by too much sebum, dead skin cells and dirt all clumped together, a thorough wash of your face can minimize the chances of getting pimples.

You can also begin using a papaya soap to help exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation means you get rid of dead skin cells so that you can reveal the newer skin layers. Just from that description, you should have already guessed that it will be a tremendous help to prevent any pimples from developing. If you do decide to use papaya soap, you get the bonus of getting whiter skin in the process as exfoliation can also help you reveal whiter and glowing skin.

While they can be stubborn and embarrassing to have, Pimples can be easily prevented and remove if you do the right things for your skin's health and hygiene.

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