Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Simple Methods to Treat Acne Spots

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You might be looking for an inexpensive method to treat acne spots, and there are many natural remedies that will help you. You just need to make some lifestyle changes to tackle acne.

Many people suffer from acne today; more than ever. The level of processed food in our diet, as well as many of the pollutants in the air would increase the chances that we would struggle with spots more than once a lifetime. Find out below how to treat acne spots the natural way.

Get fit to tackle acne.

There are many cheap ways to exercise, and if you have allergies, you can get the yoga mat out. Sweating is good for your skin, therefore, the more you move around the better the release of antioxidants will be. Running in town might not be the best solution for your acne problem, unless you use a protective skincare, as most of the gases and chemicals would damage your cells further.

Eat Healthy

Make sure that you reduce fatty food intake and consume loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, in order to tackle acne. You also need to drink low sugar drinks; preferably water. Some people say that tea, especially Redbush and Green Tea are great for cleansing the skin and improving the complexion of the face. If you like fries, switch to the oven version, and if you eat pancakes in the morning, switch to yoghurt.

Use the right cleansing product

You will always have to remove all the residue from your skin at night. No matter if you use makeup or not; loads of chemicals and pollutants would get into your pores and this will cause you many problems. Make sure that you use an effective but gentle facial cleanser and close the pores after clearing your skin surface.

Natural methods to treat acne

There are many natural ways to treat acne, including using Zinc powder, green tea or Tea Tree oil extract. Honey is one of the most effective ancient remedies, and it is used to help you reduce inflammation and prevent infections. Another natural method is to steam your face once a week to get the stuff from your pores out and then apply lemon or grapefruit on the skin to close the pores.

If you want to tackle acne spots, you need to change your lifestyle and keep your body nourished. Selecting the right combination of skin care and supplement products is the best long term method to treat acne spots.

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