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Home Remedies for Skin - Acne

Many acne treatments actually make your skin extremely sensitive to the sun. This in turn may cause complications with sun over exposure while you or your children are wearing them.

Studies have been showed that these chemicals are present in the biopsies of breast cancer patients. This left many scientists wondering if the parabens actually cause the breast cancer. Of course, I need to add there is no proof of this.

The problems extends even to gels and soaps - items that we depend on every day to clean us. Many of commercial soaps contain something called sodium laureth sulfate. You've probably never heard of it. But however is irritating your skin.

Many of these soaps also contain a substance called parabens (you may be more familiar with this) that actually penetrate the skin. Remember that the skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier. Once parabens get into your body, will stay there and slowly damage your system.

Actually, parabens are a chemical preservative in addition to being a fairly common additive in cosmetics and skin care products. They are also can be found as a food additive as well.

Making use of natural remedies is one of the best choices against acne but also can be an inexpensive choice because all the ingredients that you can use are one hundred percent natural like: eggs, baking soda, oatmeal and honey.

Exfoliation is a great way to prevent acne. You can achieve a "chemical" exfoliation simply by using fresh squeezed citrus fruit juice. The abrasive nature of the juice is amazingly effective and can remove your dead skin cells.

Another important aspect of facial scrubs is that they have a marvelous ability to help cleaning pores. This is important if you are attempting to avoid or reduce outbreaks of acne and the recurrence of blackheads. Other great remedy against acne is the egg.

Eggs were used in the ancient Chinese until modern celebrity age; the egg is also an incredible skin care ingredient as well.

The egg, as you may already be aware, contains lecithin which brings a lot of health benefits and is a natural skin emollient, which works great by softening your skin. But this is just a small portion in how eggs can improve the health of your skin.

Many individuals discovered that facial masks using eggs are wonderful to reduce acne. The egg also helps to firm your skin, reduce any redness and inflammation.

Toners can also help reduce the presence of acne. Your skin should always be cleansed before applying a toner and you should use a cotton ball. Apply the toner with gentle motions across your face.

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