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Herbal Formulas Proven Effective on 95% Teen Acne Cases

Are you a teen or adult with acne? It is critical that the product you use on your face be as safe as it is effective! The importance of product safety cannot be over-stated and is a major concern for acne patients who may have to use the product over a long period of time.

Have you tried an acne medication that gave you bad side effects? Many topical remedies are available for treating acne. But these remedies have been found to cause extremely severe side effects. Studies have identified some of these side effects, totally unrelated to acne, which can and do occur while using currently available common anti-acne topical products such as Resorcinol, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Retin-A, Azelaic Acid.

The use of the above chemicals can cause confusion, dizziness, extreme tiredness or weakness, headache, fast breathing,ringing or buzzing in the ears, hearing loss,nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Did you know this?

In such a scenario, an herbal acne formulation comes like a breath of fresh air. Powerful herbal acne remedies have proven to be completely safe with NO side effects and have been observed even when used over long periods. There are even reports of pregnant women using it with no adverse reactions. And as you know, an expecting mother has paramount concern about the effects of any product she is using on her baby. An herbal acne medication is heaven sent for her, as well.

Ayurveda is the holistic science of herbal medicine in India. There are Ayurvedic acne remover products that are a therapeutic remedy for the treatment of the different manifestations of acne on facial skin, whether moderate or severe; old or new. It can deal with mild breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads or the inflamed acne cysts and pustules of the severe type. Before going into details of how it works, it is necessary to briefly explain the fundamental mechanism of Ayurvedic herbal compositions because many people are unfamiliar with the power of these herbal compounds. The main reason for the perceived unfamiliarity with Ayurvedic compounds is because the world of allopathic medicine essentially relies on chemical based compositions.

But many plants have been known through the ages to have medicinal properties. Even modern science recognizes their values and does not hesitate to exploit such benefits.

In fact, many of the earlier medicines were derived from plants before their chemical compounds were artificially prepared. And some of these natural sources are still used as vaccines.

An authentic Ayurvedic composition, which usually has a combination of several herbs, plants and minerals usually has a holistic and broad-spectrum approach. What may apparently seem quite baffling is that it often produces results quite independent of the original values of its various ingredients. For example, Terminalia chebula commonly known as Haritaki is useful in cough and cold but may produce say anti-bacterial results when combined with other herbs that may also not have such properties. This is a process of Nature which is quite inexplicable, but true. There can be no ambiguity here. The most common process: molecules of oxygen and hydrogen combining to produce water-a completely different element, is one of the mysterious processes of Nature that eludes all scientific understanding.

Ayurveda is primarily a systematic and meticulous study of such natural phenomenon involving the plant and natural kingdom and its value should never be suspect just because certain processes of Nature's alchemy may be beyond the intelligence of the conventional scientific understanding!

The Master physicians of Ayurveda were keen observers of Nature and her mysterious Process. They have recorded their observations in minute detail in the Ayurvedic texts. They understood the various ways of Nature's action on the human body and the way it affects different body organs through their insightful observations. This unique knowledge helped them to combine different plants and minerals in a synergistic way to create cures and remedies.

There is an authentic multi-herbal new-age Ayurvedic formulation. The effectiveness of this herbal composition derives from the fact that it simultaneously acts on the upper layers of the skin and the epidermal layers below the surface skin in the follicular canals to rectify the patho-physiology of acne. Its actions include:

a. Opening up the blocked pores (blackheads) and clearing the dead cells and accumulated sebum.

b. Drawing out the infected sebum and desquamated cells from the follicular canal.

c. Reduction of inflammation.

d. Antibacterial, antifungal actions prevent the lodging of the bacteria in the pores.

e. Restoring the normal action of sebaceous gland and the follicular canal

f. Improving the skin health, color and complexion.

It is because of this multi-pronged, holistic action of the product that the use of this remedy is able to give the best possible results.

There is a 100% herbal anti-acne formula which has been found to be extremely effective in treating acne in both adults and teenagers. I came to know about this Ayurvedic formula while living in India. This formula has been tested over the past 15 years in domestic and international markets. It has been tested during these years in almost all countries, including US and EU, in all types of climates and on all types of skins. It has proved to be effective in almost 95% of teen acne cases, mild and severe. Adults and teens with long history of acne have also reported very satisfactory results. Most importantly, this herbal compound is completely safe and does not have any of the side effects normally found with chemical based products.

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