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Have Acne No More: The Best Treatment for Adult Acne

Acne is generally considered to be an affliction of adolescence, but the condition affects one in five women and 1% of men between the ages of 25 and 40. Some may suffer from late onset acne, while others never grew out of the condition they had as a teenager. Because the condition is not as common in adults as it is in teenagers, their outbreaks are more likely to be seen in a more negative way. What then is the best way of treating the condition in adults?

Treating the cause, not the symptoms

In their adolescence, many people were conditioned by advertising and peer group pressure to use proprietary topical treatments to attain the clear complexion they desired. They switched brands in the hope that the next product they purchased would succeed where all the others they had tried only gave temporary respite.

Habits are hard to break, so they continue the same cycle in their adult life not realising that they are only treating the symptoms not the cause of their condition.

The answer lies within us

The main causes of acne, be it in adolescence or as an adult, are:

a hormonal imbalance that causes the production of excess sebum, which, in a blocked pore, can cause an acne breakout; anda build up of toxins, primarily from our food, but also caused by the hormonal imbalance. As these toxins are also eliminated through our skin, they too can also cause an acne breakout

The external symptoms are telling that something is wrong inside of us, so that is where adult acne must be treated.

We become what we eat

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Hippocrates of Kos (circa. 460 BC - circa. 370 BC)

It has been known for at least 2,400 years that what we eat affects our bodies for good or for ill. Modern science is explaining this effect in increasing detail. It has also confirmed that the main cause of our adult acne is our poor diet.

The typical teenager's diet is the antithesis of what is required to get rid of our adult cane. Many adults have continued the poor dietary habits of their adolescence into their adult lives with the addition of alcohol consumption. Those habits must be broken.

Moving to a healthy balanced diet that is low in:

fat;sodium; andprocessed foods,

moderate in:

refined sugars (including from sugar sweetened sodas); andalcohol,

and is rich in a variety of:

fresh fruits of different colours; andfresh vegetables

will help our bodies rebalance our hormones and prevent the production of excess sebum.

We also need to ensure that our bodies are properly hydrated by drinking about two litres of water spread out throughout each day. This has a two-fold benefit:

it helps us to eliminate more of the toxin build up through our kidneys than through our skin, thus reducing our acne breakouts; andit improves the texture and suppleness of our skin.

The best way to treat adult acne is to tackle its internal causes. Only by doing this can we ensure that we get the clear skin we desire and have acne no more.

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