Friday, 20 July 2012

Advice on a Good Diet for Acne

Treatments for acne are plentiful. Some are genuine and some are dubious, but the one thing that does shine through is advice on a good diet for acne. This advice covers all the favourite and correct recommendations regarding green vegetables, containing proteins, fresh fruits containing Vitamins and of course regular daily intake of water. It goes without saying that by eating the foods and following the advice regarding a good diet for acne will benefit everybody suffering from acne. Diet is important, but equally important in the treatments of acne are the foods and habits to avoid.

Let's take the bad habits outside the diets for acne, smoking and drinking alcohol and caffeine drinks. Over indulgence in any of these activities makes it hard for the skin on the face to fight acne spots and pimples. Too much alcohol and caffeine also restrict the skins ability to recover from the scourge of acne.Avoiding or seriously reducing the intake of these toxins will greatly increase the skins chances of recovering, and will add to the effectiveness of a diet for acne. A good diet for acne can only work if the intake of Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are religiously moderated.

Now we come to the food side of the treatments of acne: and what foods to avoid in a good diet for acne. A major cause of acne is the consumption of foods containing unnatural fats. The body takes much longer to break down and process these fats.This excess of fat in the body will block the pores of the skin, causing spots, sores and pimples that could eventually result in scarring. The food that contain these unnatural fats range from confectionery to include fried foods,chocolate,fried potatoes, fried chicken or any food or method of cooking that involves the use of fats that are not natural.

It is unlikely that there is no person who has not suffered from acne in their youth. Just one unsightly spot on the face of a teenage boy or girl, would be enough to send them into panic. Acne in its worse form can leave unattractive blemishes and scars on a face and body. Although there are many facial creams and lotions on the market that offer treatments for acne, one of the most effective treatments for acne is a diet for acne. Not only will it assist in avoiding acne, it will increase the feeling of good health and wellbeing.

As a one-time teenager and later a father of two daughters, Oliver Webb fully understands the angst Acne and Acne spots and pimples can cause. He now writes article about how to combat this on

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